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but it's important to be aware of a few things before working with a marketplace, whether it's Amazon, eBay, or others. There are different dropshipping marketplaces. If Amazon is yours, consider the following tips to help you on your journey.

Dropping shipping on Amazon can be a great way to increase your online business sales.

but it’s important to be aware of a few things before working with a marketplace, whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or others. There are different dropshipping marketplaces. If Amazon is yours, consider the following tips to help you on your journey.

Do I drop ship to Amazon or Amazon Marketplace?

The first thing to know is what makes them different because many differences between the two can influence our business strategy, especially if we practice dropshipping.

If Amazon manages the shipping of the product and the storage of the product, it means that our product is in their warehouses and Amazon will distribute it. Your sales will go hand in hand with the whole Amazon system: 24/7 customer service, returns, and refunds, etc.

This is a way of practicing dropshipping, where the dropshipper is Amazon.

For sales of these products, the seller’s brand name will always appear with a “managed by Amazon” annotation telling customers that it is a product from an external seller but that the distribution and after-sales service are managed by Amazon.

On Amazon Marketplace, you handle the distribution of the product and Amazon handles the listing of your product on its platform. This is the option most used by customers who are looking to dropship with Amazon, but already have an external dropshipper who ships their products to their customers.

Am I an end-customer oriented company?

If your answer is “no”, stop here because Amazon is not the right marketplace for you. Look for another marketplace to practice drop shipping or change your strategy because Amazon is a company that puts the customer at the center of everything.

All the processes followed by Amazon are oriented to customer satisfaction and this is exactly what customers are looking for when they access the Amazon website.

If your company does not follow this approach, you will not be able to adapt to Amazon’s system and it will damage your brand image. This condition ties into and influences the next point.

People will talk about you

On Amazon, everything is known thanks to its rating system that allows us to know which companies satisfy customers and which ones fail in this task. When we enter a marketplace such as Amazon, we must offer impeccable service and customer service must be our priority.

We are entering a world where customers are evaluating and scrutinizing every last detail of our business.

Negative reviews after receiving an item in poor condition, or after a delayed shipment can be devastating to our business. That’s why it’s essential to take care of customer service and work with a trusted dropshipper.

Speed, speed, speed

Did you know that Amazon is trying out drone delivery to send orders in record time? That’s because speed is one of Amazon’s top priorities, which is why if you’re considering dropshipping on Amazon, you need to make sure you act fast, always have inventory available, and dropship with a company that offers a very fast delivery service.

Strong competition

It’s a jungle on Amazon. There are many offers and many sellers offering products. Taking care of customer service by offering good service, very fast delivery, and responding quickly to customer requests is not necessarily going to make you stand out because it is the basis of this market.

On the contrary, other aspects can help you stand out from the competition.

Analyze your market, understand the demands of your audience and offer them what they need. Doing dropshipping on Amazon is not easy if you are part of a saturated market, but if you innovate and differentiate yourself, you can greatly expand.

Adjust your prices as much as possible

Given the high level of competition and the ease of comparing products from other sellers on Amazon, prices are often the key to success and the element that separates two potential sellers.

If you want to dropship on Amazon, you should take into account that it is important to always know the prices applied in your market and, above all, to know how to adapt them to stand out from the competition.

Be part of a global market

Amazon is the gateway to other markets where it would be very complicated and expensive to enter in any other way.

Amazon offers you the opportunity to sell through its platform to other markets around the world.

Take into account that not all dropshippers ship worldwide, so when choosing your dropshipper it is important to know how far your internationalization strategy will reach.

Do things differently and position yourself on search engines

It’s important to know where you show up and a very interesting way to find out is to use apps like Soovle, which help you find your niche market.

At the end of the day, Amazon has a sort of search engine, but people don’t search for the same thing and they don’t search the same way on Google as they do on a marketplace search engine.

By analyzing what customers are looking for, you can find your niche market and boost your sales, offering your customers what they need. Be original and do things differently.

Does selling on Amazon affect my brand image?

Yes and no. On Amazon, your brand exists, but it is not managed in the same way. Your customers won’t see your logo, your website, or the image you have projected through other channels, but creating a brand on Amazon is fundamental and can help you reinforce your branding on other channels.

When you start to practice dropshipping on Amazon and its marketplace, you have to take into account that, unless your brand is already very well known, you are starting from scratch and what you have achieved so far is not so important, but, on the contrary, what you will do from now on will influence the future of your brand.

Getting a good brand reputation on Amazon is essential to improve your positioning and sales.

After reading this endless post, do you think Amazon is right for you?

If so, great, now get to work! Create your account, export your catalog and start your adventure. Dropping shipping on Amazon can open doors to many markets and give you access to a lot of customers you couldn’t find any other way, but remember Amazon’s priorities: customer service, speed in every sense of the word, and good prices.

If your business doesn’t fit these three points or if you can’t offer any of these to Amazon customers, then you might want to think twice.