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Which presents the dropshipping concept in more detail, so you decide to start using it. The problem now is to find the right dropshipping supplier, these suppliers will allow you to sell the right product at the right price while guaranteeing you the best quality of service.

You have read my article on the definition of dropshipping,

Which presents the dropshipping concept in more detail, so you decide to start using it. The problem now is to find the right dropshipping supplier, these suppliers will allow you to sell the right product at the right price while guaranteeing you the best quality of service.

When you start dropshipping,

there are several problems that need to be solved. Among them, there is of course the choice of suppliers. This issue is important because this is how your supplier will allow you to sell the products you want to sell on your future sites.

This dropshipping provider will also take on the heavy logistics management tasks related to the sale of the products:

packaging, protection, shipping, etc. All these elements are part of the satisfaction of the users when they buy from your website. Therefore, you need to choose a supplier who will be serious about working with you, as it depends on the success of your e-commerce site.

I suggest you to give a complete introduction

On how to choose a supplier to start your dropshipping website today and provide you with many tips to avoid selection mistakes. Also, if you have any questions after reading this article, feel free to contact me at the following email address:, I will do my best to answer quickly.

Avoid sites that offer lists of dropshipping suppliers

When looking for dropshipping service providers, you can find anything and everything on the Internet! Some sites specifically address this topic and provide a fake list of sites and wholesalers in disguise.

The problem is that if you find this list on the first results of Google

This means that these lists have been overused and you may find yourself selling saturated products because they are present on several hundred e-commerce sites. The keywords “dropshipping supplier”, “dropshipping wholesaler” and “French dropshipping wholesaler” are searched several hundred times a month. And this study only concerns France! Imagine the number of apprentice merchants on the web who want to enter the e-commerce business.

The competition has always been present?

The problem with dropshipping is that profits are not necessarily important for the seller’s site. However, if you find yourself selling the same products and offering the same terms of service like many other sites, you need to differentiate yourself with a lower pricing policy than your competitors. This is called a price reduction strategy.

However, if you lower the price, the margin will decrease.

When you understand the cost of buying customers, you will see that the higher the margin, the better your revenue! Therefore, to find a good dropshipping wholesaler, rule 1 is to avoid going to sites that rank multiple suppliers, especially if those sites are in the top results.

Search for a French supplier

Looking for direct wholesalers in France, i.e. who will ship products directly from France is a bit like a luxury: many are looking for it, but few can afford it. Don’t panic, just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you won’t find it.

Cdiscount Pro provides its entire catalog

For example, Cdiscount Pro provides its entire catalog (with Cdiscount prices) to e-commerce merchants for dropshipping sales. Just to prevent anyone from accessing its catalog, Cdiscount charges subscription fees in excess of thousands of euros per year. You could say that this is not within the reach of 99% of people in this business.

The best solution to find a committed French supplier

I think the best solution to find a French supplier committed to drop-shipping is to grab all the small brands where you want to do business. Give them this advantage: Winners of small brands: they gain popularity – because you will develop a real communication plan around their products – this will not make them lose anything, on the contrary! For example, if you want to enter the direct sales of cosmetics, try to find small manufacturers of cosmetics and other related products in need of recognition and reputation! Most importantly, don’t approach L’Oreal or other industry giants. It’s useless, except to waste time. Target several small brands, small manufacturers of organic creams, etc.

Find European and Asian suppliers

For suppliers in Europe and Asia (China), dropshipping website creation solutions like Shopify offer partnerships with the two largest wholesalers today:

  • AliExpress, the main dropshipping supplier
  • Bigbuy, a European supplier, which is its equivalent in Europe.
    Using these two solutions, the dropshipping system via Aliexpress or Bigbuy is very simple.

How to find dropshipping products?

In a catalog with millions of references, it is important to choose the products that you will sell well. I wrote a complete article to help you find the dropshipping area that can help you sell. Go read it, it provides you with many useful tips.

If you can’t find the product you need on Aliexpress or Big-buy

For me, the method should be the same as finding a dropshipping wholesaler in France: a prospecting site specifically dedicated to this sales system does not make sense. Prioritize small producers!

For example, if you want to sell socks

you can, for example, contact a sock manufacturer in New Zealand to sell merino wool socks (the warmest wool in the world). You can also contact the English yarn and wool producer.

With that you can start looking for the best suppliers in your niche.

Therefore, of course, it is not easy to convince them. Because if you are the first person to contact them on this issue, you will have to introduce this concept and explain them the strategic and marketing issues. But in the end, this is what being an entrepreneur is all about.