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We will first talk about the Aliexpress platform, what it is and how it works. Then, we will list the advantages and disadvantages of working with Aliexpress when dropshipping. Then, I will give you my opinion on Aliexpress.

In this article, you will know a little more about how dropshipping via Aliexpress works.

We will first talk about the Aliexpress platform, what it is and how it works. Then, we will list the advantages and disadvantages of working with Aliexpress when dropshipping. Then, I will give you my opinion on Aliexpress.

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a Chinese e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba and launched in 2009. It is the biggest e-commerce platform in China, it allows a direct link between production plants as well as third parties.

Basically, it is like Amazon and eBay.

Aliexpress offers all kinds of products from clothes to mechanic tools to kitchen tools, you can find absolutely everything on this platform.

As you probably know, most drop-shippers buy from Aliexpress.

However, more and more drop-shippers are looking for other solutions to source their products. Moreover, you should know that Aliexpress is the name of the platform. There are hundreds or even thousands of stores and factories selling their product inside, each store is specialized and sells a certain type of product. It may be that several stores sell the same product in this case simply look at the customer reviews on both stores to determine which is the best.

This is how dropshipping works with Aliexpress:

You will first search for your product on the platform, Once the product is found, with the help of an application called D-Sers (better than Biganalytiks) you will import the product to your store. First, you need to sync the app on your Shopify store with your Aliexpress account.
Once the customer places an order, you will go directly to your Aliexpress account to pay for the product. All the shipping information will be automatically sent to the supplier without you having to send it. Thanks to D-Sers.

Now, what are the advantages of working with Aliexpress?

A wide variety of products:

For me the main advantage of the Aliexpress platform is that there are a lot of products, so you have a lot of choices. There is a large amount of niche on which you can place yourself without being afraid to find products. This is for me the main strength of the platform.

Free delivery for the vast majority of products:

Certainly, not all products have a free delivery, nevertheless very often you will be entitled to a delivery offered by the store. Be careful, I’m only talking about free delivery, I’m not talking about delivery times. In addition, there will often be coupons offered with which you can have more interesting prices.

Almost flawless protection of buyers:

In case you sent products that never arrived, you can ask the platform for a refund. It sometimes happens that products are lost during delivery, since you are a buyer on the platform you benefit from a guarantee and protection of the buyer. I advise you to make use of this right if the product received is not in conformity with the one ordered or if the product is reported missing by the delivery service.

Choice of the partner :

Indeed, as I said above there are many stores that sell the same product on Aliexpress, so you have the choice to provide you with the best supplier. The trick is very simple, you check the rating of the store in question and you compare it with the other stores selling the same model, this is very relevant information because it allows you to determine the most “professional” store.

The disadvantages of working with Aliexpress

After seeing the advantages of the e-commerce platform Aliexpress, we will logically move to the disadvantages, because yes, unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages.

You will have guessed it obviously the main disadvantage is the slow delivery time.

However, even if it is possible to find a faster delivery method, the delivery time will be at least 15 days. In this case, I always recommend using the “Aliexpress standard shipping” method. It is indeed the fastest delivery method for France and Europe in general, between 15 days and more, it will depend on your supplier.

The second disadvantage is the lack of control over the goods.

Indeed, since it is not you who sends the product, you do not know at first if the product is intact for example. It is as if you gave the responsibility of your order to a third party in China.