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Dropshipping with eBay is a great way to start e-commerce from scratch, it is clear that dropshipping with eBay is a great opportunity to get started. You don't need to have extensive knowledge of marketing, website creation or other aspects. You are really starting from scratch.

Why choose Dropshipping with eBay?

Dropshipping with eBay is a great way to start e-commerce from scratch, it is clear that dropshipping with eBay is a great opportunity to get started. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge of marketing, website creation or other aspects. You are really starting from scratch.

Why ship directly with eBay?

  • No need for inventory
  • No need for a lot of start-up capital
  • No skills required: eBay is easy to understand.
    How does this system work and how to get started without making mistakes?

How the direct selling business model works with Ebay

First of all, it’s important to understand what we’re talking about and how to have a global perspective on Dropshipping via eBay.

Ebay Dropshipping:

We’re just going to sell products online without inventory. Once someone has purchased it from our website or store, we have ordered it from a supplier, who will ship it directly to the customer without our involvement in the process.


In Dropshipping with eBay, we can sell products on the eBay marketplace without owning the product, avoiding the cost of purchasing inventory. It is therefore a business similar to e-commerce but without inventory. Therefore, it is important to understand the responsibilities it carries: even if we do not sell products to customers, we are also responsible for them.

Where to find our products?

There are different types of possible suppliers. The so-called local suppliers (Amazon, C discount, etc.) and the wholesale suppliers (Aliexpress, Dhgate, etc.) which we will talk about later.

What do you need to get started?

To get started successfully on dropshipping with eBay, you need a few essentials:

  • Register with Ebay, and get your old account back if possible.
  • Have a Paypal account to receive payments.
  • Have a small amount of capital saved, about 100€ will be enough.

With all these features, you can start and create your own logo.

The store with the name of your shop will become a reference for buyers because eBay stores are not really customizable stores, so the logo is important. In order to implement it in seconds, I recommend you to use Canva, which allows you to create a beautiful logo in two or three clicks, then you can insert it into the store and create your product page. Most importantly, you should not say that you are Dropshipping via eBay, otherwise, customers will flee.

Simply state that you are a French seller

That you are a professional, and that your main goal is customer satisfaction. Obviously, you can personalize this message according to the shop’s universe and the value you want to transmit.

How to earn social proof with customer reviews

If you are just starting out or if you have an old account with which you haven’t sold anything for a long time, you need to prove to eBay that you are trustworthy. It is not recommended to start directly with Dropshipping with eBay, otherwise, eBay will ask you questions about the type of business you are engaged in.

You must ask for advice

First of all, you need to ask for advice to show eBay and buyers that you are trustworthy, and the most important thing is to do inventory sales (sell useless items in your house, or buy inventory and resell)

Show eBay that you own inventory

This will allow you to show eBay that you own inventory (if they ask, it may happen at first) and gain traction by making sales. In order to get feedback, you can also make a small number of sales at low prices, as the seller may give you some.

The winning products

The winning products are the leaders of Dropbayping with eBay: those that sell well, are the products that drive the development of the shop. If you find a product with big potential, your store will be completely transformed.

On the product page, you can find information

On the product page, you can find information such as “5 sold in the last 24 hours” or “56,897 products already sold”. These metrics allow you to understand that the product in question is currently selling in large quantities. Therefore, the seller will necessarily make a big profit.

The dropshipping operation on Ebay

At this particular point, the dropshipping operation on eBay will not change from the dropshipping method on Shopify. The best-selling products are always the key to success and sales. Once you find a product that sells well on eBay, you need to find it from the supplier and pay attention to the purchase price and cost in order to calculate the profit correctly. Find a supplier who can handle your logistics

Dropshipping with eBay has different types of suppliers.

First, there are traditional suppliers called “wholesalers”, such as Aliexpress, Dhgate, Lightinthebox … Then, some suppliers that can not be used on Shopify, and suppliers called “marketplace” such as Amazon, C- Discount, Fnac …

The main differences between these suppliers are:

  • Delivery: quite long for the wholesalers but short for the marketplace
  • Price: lower price for wholesalers
  • After-sales service: The return at a wholesaler is usually very complicated, but on the marketplace is very easy.

Therefore, it is very important to check the different standards when choosing a supplier.

For example: check the comments (ratings, number of comments) on the product, but if possible (like on Aliexpress), check the number of orders.

After finding products and suppliers

Just create your promotion on eBay, optimize the description and title, and wait for buyers to come to your promotion and visit your sales page.

This article about dropshipping with eBay is coming to an end

Nevertheless, you can learn about the different variants of dropshipping systems. Like for example Amazon and with Aliexpress, I have written articles on these subjects that I strongly invite you to consult.