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For a variety of reasons including inventory, storage, suppliers, transportation, and many tools that required a large investment. And like any big investment, there was the risk of not being able to get back what you had spent.

Previously, it was very difficult to get into the business of selling.

For a variety of reasons including inventory, storage, suppliers, transportation, and many tools that required a large investment. And like any big investment, there was the risk of not being able to get back what you had spent.

This is why dropshipping (the fact that the wholesaler sends the order directly to the final consumer) is a solution that is made to last.

With this solution of buying and selling products, you won’t need to invest a lot of money and you will have, with a click, the possibility of obtaining benefits through the distribution of any goods without having to make any inventory.

Why create a dropshipping store with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is currently one of the most used platforms for dropshipping. Moreover, it is one of the most used systems in e-commerce at the international level.

It works with WordPress (the main CMS worldwide) and allows you to create your own online store.

When dropshipping with WooCommerce, you only need to import a catalog of products belonging to the dropshipping wholesaler you are working with, and then put it in your retail store and available to your customers.

In this type of business, your profit is the difference between the cost at which you purchase the products at wholesale price and the retail price you choose to display in your store. You choose the final price of the product, so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

The main advantages in using WordPress for dropshipping

  1. It’s free: since it’s a free plug-in, you only need to install it from your WordPress site.
  2. It’s easy to install: you don’t need to install several elements, just click on the option and configure your data.
  3. Simple to configure: just a few steps to start displaying your products.
  4. Convenient to use: it is not a complex system that requires a long learning curve, anyone can use it.
  5. It allows you to create a product catalog: you can distribute your products through a purchase catalog, specifying the type of product and its characteristics.
  6. It gives you access to the large WordPress community: WordPress is the world’s leading CMS.

Thousands of people have used WordPress and WooCommerce before you to create their online stores, so there are hundreds of forums and information that can be accessed to answer your questions.

In addition, many developers create extensions and plug-ins to further develop your dropshipping store in WooCommerce.

How to create a dropshipping store with WordPress?

To start dropshipping with WooCommerce, you need to download a plugin. It is a free plugin. Once downloaded, you will need to activate the plugin. It will offer you the option to install pages in your dropshipping store. You will be redirected immediately to the WooCommerce homepage.

Once your store is ready, you will need to set up data such as:

  • Registration of users who will visit your store and make purchases
  • Location of the store
  • Shipping options
  • Locations where your product can be shipped (countries and cities)
  • Type of currency for transactions.

In the Settings section, you can also manage how your products will be displayed.

You will need to consider:

  • The resolution of the images to prevent them from being pixelated.
  • The order section allows you to view the status of transactions and manage payments via the internet.
  • Also, add a section where you will provide the e-mail with which your customers can contact you for further orders.
  • Finally, you will have to create a category and labels that will give access to the product visualization.

Once you have made all the necessary settings, you can consult other options such as:

  • The home page: where you will see the new products and the products you want to promote
  • The store: the page of each product
  • The shopping cart: where you will find all the selected products
  • Complete the order: in this section, we provide all the data related to the purchase
  • My account: where you can find all the data of the user: among others, location and delivery address.

In this section you can indicate in detail the characteristics; dimensions and prices of your products.

And each product of your catalog can be easily added to the cart of a customer so that he can choose, right away or later, if he wants to buy the product you offer or not.

We recommend that you enhance your e-commerce with free or paid extensions that will allow you to develop features such as offering advice, allowing your customers to reserve products, and creating affiliate products.

Importance of the dropshipping supplier providing a CSV file with its catalog in its conditions

Through the CSV files provided by the dropshipping supplier, the catalog can be constantly updated. Our store must be up to date with all the information about the products.

This option is very important for people who have suppliers constantly changing prices and other characteristics of the products; in this way, the process will be fully automated.

When updating the existing stock of products in a catalog, for obvious reasons, the characteristics of the product and the selling price will also change.

The organization of your dropshipping store’s catalogs will also change in some way if updating the stock involves the obligation to change the products offered.

When transferring products from your reseller’s catalog to your sales catalog, the products must have a unique link or a unique product reference, as this will avoid creating duplicates that could lead to penalties for your store.

This is why the CSV file is essential in many cases to keep things organized and make life easier for those who dropship with WooCommerce.

Recommended plug-ins for importing CSV files or dropshipping product catalogs with WooCommerce

While there are many plug-ins for importing product files or catalogs, here we offer four of the best and most recommended plug-ins for those who do dropshipping with WooCommerce.

WordPress Ultimate CSV Pro.

This tool from Smackcoders is designed to make it easier for users to develop their web pages. Among its most interesting features, we can mention:

  • Import, update, and schedule CSV files that will be uploaded to the WordPress site.
  • Import, among others, files from the desktop, external addresses, servers.
  • Drag and drop to link CSV files with WordPress files.
  • Support for content translation and more.

It has two versions available to the public.

The free version allows limited access to the plug-in’s features and the pro version allows you to import, export, update and schedule, and includes technical support and guaranteed lifetime updates. The latter option costs $149.99.

This is one of the favorite plug-ins of those who do dropshipping!

Product CSV Import Suite.

Import Suite CSV allows you to import or export thousands of products and their variants from the Woocommerce stores. It is a very easy-to-use plug-in, this way there is no problem importing categories, products, tags, and other details from WooCommerce.

A subscription is equivalent to 1 year of use from the date of purchase.

With a guarantee of technical support and updates throughout this period. If it’s for single-site use, its price is $199, if you need the plug-in for 5 sites, it will cost $249 and if you need it for 25 sites, its price will be $399.

Its developer’s name is Mike Jolley.

The add-on for WooCommerce, WP All Import.

WP All Import extension allows you to import unlimited CSV or XML files to WooCommerce and it is free. With this tool, you can import thousands of products to WooCommerce in less than 10 minutes, that’s what its developers claim.

It works intuitively and makes it look like the user has done the product import himself.

Among its advantages, we can note that it supports files in almost any format and structure, it does not require organizing information in a specific form, and you can import product catalogs of more than 200 megabytes without problems.

If you want the PRO version, you will have to make a one-time payment of $99, $139, or $199 depending on your needs.

Woocommerce CSV Importer

One of the great advantages of this plug-in is that it is free. It allows you to import and manage thousands of products from WooCommerce and upload CSV files, create titles and import them.

It also has extensions available for product variants, customizable fields, and other features. WooCommerce CSV Importer provides regular updates but some users have complained about existing issues with the technical support.