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Indeed, many people want to get into it, because it consists in selling products without having any stock, thus allowing to enjoy many considerable advantages: savings because you don't buy the stock, freedom because you don't need to have premises for the storage of products. However, it is not always that easy to find dropshipping suppliers located in France.

Dropshipping is very trendy these last years.

Indeed, many people want to get into it, because it consists in selling products without having any stock, thus allowing to enjoy many considerable advantages: savings because you don’t buy the stock, freedom because you don’t need to have premises for the storage of products. However, it is not always that easy to find dropshipping suppliers located in France.

Generally, most of the suppliers are located abroad, especially in China.

So, it is not easy to communicate and to know if you can trust them or not. In this article, we propose to give you some interesting information to find your dropshipping supplier in France.

Why opt for French dropshipping?

Many of you are looking for French Dropshippers, because you don’t trust Chinese dropshippers for example. There are several of them and we will list them in the following article. But before you do, you might be wondering why it would be advantageous for you to opt for French dropshipping?

I propose here to make you discover the advantages that it brings you:

You will benefit from a quick contact in case of a problem. Moreover, your supplier being French, there will be no language barrier.

The after-sales service is located in France, allowing you to ensure your customer’s quick repairs or exchanges.

Delivery times are considerably reduced. It will take less than 48 hours for the deliveries, against several weeks when your supplier is located abroad, in return, the price of the product is higher compared to the Chinese suppliers like AliExpress for example.

Here are some general French dropshipping suppliers:


Web-drop-Market is an excellent choice to start dropshipping. This supplier is a platform with more than 100,000 dropshipping references in France, allowing you to be sure of the seriousness of the supplier of your choice, but also to have access to a large choice of products.

You can browse through more than 25 totally different universes, and thus earn money quickly without having to worry about the transport of the goods. In addition, Web-drop-Market allows you to quickly develop your sales on different marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay by guiding you and giving you many tips. Everything is done to help you succeed.

If you don’t have a website, Webdrop-Market even offers you a turnkey dropshipping website.

All you have to do is pay 1490 € HT and you can immediately start your dropshipping activity in France. You need a minimum of 19€/month, and you can expect to earn between 20% and 55% of your sales.

Cdiscount Pro

It is impossible to talk about French dropshipping without mentioning Cdiscount Pro. This very popular platform gathers more than 100 000 references that you will have the opportunity to put forward to make sales.

Thus, you will have access to more than 10 different categories gathering numerous products.

Be careful though, the membership to Cdiscount Pro to practice dropshipping in France is expensive, reaching about 2 500 € HT, which you will have to pay in one and only time.

Thus, this allows the platform to quickly sort out those who want to do dropshipping seriously, and not only to try. It is therefore important for you to think carefully, and know if you are ready to pay this amount, knowing that it can also be quickly recouped later. It’s up to you!

All Shopping Avenue

This dropshipping supplier in France, allows you to sell household appliances, air conditioning, heating, or products related to DIY and garden. Doing dropshipping via this supplier is the insurance for you to put all the chances on your side to succeed.

Cool Mini Prix

Cool Mini Prix offers you to start selling jewelry, but also various gadgets of all kinds that interest many customers. This French company offers you to sell its products in dropshipping. A large choice that you will be able to offer to your customers. This company guarantees fast deliveries and no surprises for the customer.


Sifam is a dropshipping supplier specialized in motorcycle accessories and parts. The company does not make less than 20 000 references, if you want to open a site in this sector this supplier is ideal.

Here is some Platform to connect with French Dropshippers:


Ecopresto connects dropshipping suppliers with distributors, the company acts as a trusted intermediary. Once you are registered on the platform you just have to choose the product you want to sell online. Ecropresto takes care of the technical part, especially in terms of synchronization of stocks, tracking numbers, returns, and billing.


Dropy works in much the same way as Ecopresto. Dropy can be easily installed with its plugins depending on the eCommerce platform you use (woo commerce, Prestashop…).

Dropy is a performance-based system that takes a 3% commission on sales.

French suppliers of specialized dropshipping

There are of course other French suppliers, but they are less generalist than those mentioned above. Thus, the following suppliers are specialized in a precise category of products.

Do not hesitate to visit their website, but also to contact them to propose a dropshipping partnership. You have to be bold, and this may allow you to start your business.

Dropshipping animals

Clinivet : articles for animals

Dropshipping health

AM Cosmetics: well-being and health

ClimSom: wellness and health

Dropshipping mode

Brandsdistribution: branded fashion clothing

Dropshipping underwear lingerie, underwear sexy lingerie

CL Diffusion: lingerie and accessories

Dropshipping e-cigarette electronic cigarettes

Spi Discount: electronic cigarettes liquids for electronic cigarettes

Computer dropshipping computer products

Adveo: printer consumables

Other dropshippers in bulk

Fun France: articles with the effigy of the flag of France

Avenue du Japon: home and decoration

DT Five Distribution: smartphones toys for babies

Eclats Antivols: security products

AirSoft Air: Airsoft

Skapnet: cleaning materials.

I hope you found your happiness in this article.