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The influencer marketing strategy is very effective! It will allow you to create real digital communication around your dropshipping website in order to develop your e-reputation.

To effectively promote your online store and build a quality audience around your brand on the internet

The influencer marketing strategy is very effective! It will allow you to create real digital communication around your dropshipping website in order to develop your e-reputation.

No matter what your niche and market are, in every field, influencers are numerous.

For sure, you will find one or more that fit well with your strategy.
To help you in your research, there are several tools you can use to find influencers more easily and quickly.

Thanks to these tools, you will be able to find personalities working in your theme and analyze their relevance.

The objective is to improve your notoriety and boost your sales, so this analysis is very important! So I have selected the 10 most popular platforms to find influencers.


If you are mainly interested in influencer marketing, Buzzstream is the tool that will help you achieve your goals. Indeed, it allows you to “Build relationships, build a buzz” thanks to a relatively interesting process.

It all starts with the search for influencers.

To do this, you need to install the Buzzstream extension on your browser. Then, when you come across a blog that interests you, you activate the extension and you can add it to your list. Then you’ll get all the information about the blog owner!

With Buzzstream, you also have the possibility to search for influencers with keywords related to your niche.

The results are much more than a list! Buzzstream gives you a complete picture of people’s websites and shares with you the analysis of their presence on social networks. Then, once you have the search results, you can sort and filter them and add the influencers you’re interested in into your prospect list.

Once you have gathered the leads,

You can move on to sending emails, which is very easy with Buzzstream. You can also customize them and do automated follow-ups. Buzzstream lets you find influencers while helping you better control your marketing efforts.

And it’s available to all major influencer marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

The tool also offers other features that are quite effective in helping you with your communication and web marketing strategy. The cost of Buzzstream is $24 per month for up to 2 users with the Starter plan.


Like Buzzstream, NinjaOutreach is another platform that allows you to find influencers. On NinjaOutreach, you will be able to search for influencers from a database of over 25 million websites.

Searches can be refined according to many criteria thanks to tags:

  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Companies
  • Individual articles

NinjaOutreach also offers you the ability to search Twitter and Instagram

Like Buzzstream, the tool also has a plugin to install on the browser that allows you to get information about the websites you visit. NinjaOutreach also allows you to add your prospects to a sortable and filterable list to which you can send customizable and fully automated emails.

Of course, the follow-up of the sent emails will be done automatically

NinjaOutreach gives you the essential details about your emails: opens, clicks, and responses. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. NinjaOutreach and Buzzstream are quite similar.

In fact, the differences between the two tools are :

  • The ability to automate your entire email sequence on NinjaOutreach, whereas on Buzzstream, only the email tracking is automated.
  • The ability to search for influencers on Twitter and Instagram on NinjaOutreach, while the searches on Buzzstream are mainly website oriented only. This aspect is however very interesting to better work on your digital strategy and social media campaign.
  • NinjaOutreach does not offer enough team-oriented features compared to Buzzstream.

Another point of difference is also the cost which is much higher for NinjaOutreach.

69$ per month. This makes Buzzstream more interesting for small bloggers.


Klear is another influencer search tool that, unlike the first two, is more focused on social media. The platform now lists more than 500 million influencers across four main networks:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Blogs

With Klear, you can conduct targeted searches based on the skills, level of influence, and location of influencers.

This way, you can find influencers more easily and quickly in your niche.

And once you’ve found prospects, you can explore them by analyzing:

  • How influential they are
  • The brands they mentioned
  • The engagement rate of their followers
  • The demographics of their followers

Once you’ve done your in-depth analysis

Klear will deliver contact information and other ways to manage your relationships. With the tool, you also have the ability to measure the effectiveness of your outreach efforts based on the mentions you get and the engagement generated by those mentions.

If your strategy revolves solely around blogging

Buzzstream and NinjaOutreach will suffice. And if social media is your playground, Klear will be your solution.


With Buzzsumo, you can find influencers in a different way.
First, it allows you to find the most popular content on a specific topic. It also helps you find the top-performing posts in your niche and allows you to contact the person behind each post directly.

Buzzsumo has a feature that allows you to search for influencers on Twitter.

You can even search for influencers based on their type: blogger, influencer, journalist, company, or regular person. Other filters are also available to help you refine your search: location, certified account, and many other criteria.

About the cost

Buzzsumo offers a free package with a limited number of searches. For the unlimited version, the rate starts at $99 per month.


Awario is not really an influencer search tool like the four mentioned above. It is mostly considered as “a web and social network monitoring tool”. It is in fact a monitoring tool. However, part of this “monitoring” includes options that you can use to search and find influencers!

The concept is simple:

when people mention your brand in their post, you can view them, sort, and filter by their reach. This way, you will find the influencers who are talking about you and your dropshipping store.

You can then contact these people

Or simply take an initial interest in their account in order to build a relationship. In addition, Awario also has a continuous monitoring feature on specific keywords and even provides a report on the most influential accounts. Awario starts at $29 per month. By taking an annual plan, you get two months free.


Pitchbox is another influencer search tool that is mainly offered to SEO teams. It is mainly intended for blogs. In fact, to find influencers via Pitchbox, you just have to search by keywords.

Integrations with SEO services

services like Moz, Majestic, and SEMRush then help you filter these influencers to find only the most authoritative and powerful sites. Once you’ve found potential influencers, Pitchbox offers an option to send personalized emails with automated follow-ups. Pitchbox’s pricing is quite high. It costs $195 per month.


To avoid paying exorbitant amounts for paid tools, there are also many free tools to find influencers. Admittedly, they don’t offer features like those listed above, but they allow you to find influencers for your online store without stock.

Followerwonk allows you to search for influencers only on Twitter.

So it does not take into account other social networks. This is quite normal for a free tool. Followerwonk helps you find influencers through keyword searches of Twitter bios.

You can refine your search according to several criteria:

  • Location
  • Minimum / maximum number of followers
  • Minimum / maximum number of tweets
    Like other tools, Followerwonk also has features that allow you to analyze your searches and monitor your Twitter account.


Just like Followerwonk, Hunter is another free tool. The difference is that this one is not really a platform to find influencers. Hunter allows you to get in touch with the influencer you’re considering contacting, via their email address.

It’s basically for email address research.

The tool offers you 100 free email searches per month! You can save the addresses you find as leads and track the emails you send.


GroupHigh is a premium influencer search tool. It focuses primarily on blogs, but also helps you find influencers on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The GroupHigh database lists more than 15 million blogs, but so far few social networks.

The features offered are almost similar to the other tools: blog search, content item search, and the ability to sort and filter searches according to different criteria (network, location, advertising networks used…).

You can then add the influencers you are interested into a list.

GroupHigh does not have an automated emailing feature, but it does have a CRM that allows you to track and manage your contacts.


Dovetable is not a basic influencer research tool. It is rather a “real-time analysis to develop your brand”. So Dovetable analytics are not necessarily focused on influencer research.

However, the platform does help you find influencers in two ways.

First, Dovetable has a standard module showing you where you can search for influencers through keywords and then filter them by different criteria. The second method is the Monitor function which allows you to follow your competitors and see the influencers that interact with them. You can then use this analysis to filter influencers and add them to your list of prospects.