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Or at first succeeding in earning a supplementary income, is a goal that appeals to many. But you still have to take action, get trained, be determined, and be hardworking! Doing e-business, selling your expertise in personal development, DIY, interior design, … these are nice projects. But how to find customers? Have you ever heard of a sales funnel? You might be interested in this…

At the moment, becoming your own boss and being financially free

Or at first succeeding in earning a supplementary income, is a goal that appeals to many. But you still have to take action, get trained, be determined, and be hardworking! Doing e-business, selling your expertise in personal development, DIY, interior design, … these are nice projects. But how to find customers? Have you ever heard of a sales funnel? You might be interested in this…

Definition of a sales funnel

A sales funnel, or Funnel Marketing, allows you to fully automate a sales platform in order to convert visitors into qualified leads and then into customers. How to set it up in an efficient and simple way? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, all you have to do is follow the steps below to learn about the sales funnel and get more customers.

The first step is to find prospects

The first step is to find prospects (potentially interested people), and then keep only the most qualified people, some of whom will turn into customers. This process takes the form of a funnel. Indeed, each step performs a sorting between simple visitors and potential customers.

The funnel is important at the beginning

The funnel is important at the beginning because we collect a large number of people who are more or less interested, or even very few. As the tunnel progresses, a “skimming” process takes place, as it happens with everything in life when you think about it, in order to keep only the people who are really interested and who will go on to purchase and become customers. The objective of the sales funnel is therefore to guide, in an automatic way, towards the purchase of a product and/or service inadequacy with the need of the prospect.

Set up a profitable strategy

There are several models of sales funnel depending on the strategy of the e-merchant, and the product or service offered.

In a schematic way, let’s see two examples of the sales funnel.

  • The simple sales funnel capture page→order form→Order confirmation. Then, it is possible to make it more complex like this:
  • Other possible sales tunnel: blog post→mail capture page→mail sequence→landing page→order form→order bumps→order confirmation.

The stages of the sales funnel

Before even the best sales funnel can be put in place, you still need to capture attention to attract leads. How do you go about doing that? Let’s see with the following.

Step 1: Generate traffic

There is no shortage of active Internet users on the net. They are counted by millions. Tools exist to help you increase and maintain your traffic.

Here are various ways to grow your network:

  • Inbound marketing. This is a marketing strategy that allows you to bring the customer to you rather than the other way around, as is the case with outbound marketing where it is a question of going to find the customer, or rather prospect.
  • To do this, it is necessary to create quality content, optimized for search engines, with Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, blog articles.

Use professional networks, such as LinkedIn and/or Twitter

  • Partnering, or more specifically partnering with influencers to showcase your sales tunnel.
  • SEO with links to the site, which gives it credibility, a point appreciated by Google. SEO being a discipline of its own, it will not be discussed here, but keep in mind that it is an area to explore.
  • Do paid advertising with Facebook Ads, Google Adword, … To capture the attention of the Internet user, there are several strategies, paid or not. It remains to define your necessary investment, in terms of time or money, that you are ready to put to act.

2nd step: acquisition of coordinates

But how? The most efficient way is still email. To get it, you have to add value by offering a gift, a bonus through a pop-up window, an external link, a capture page. To do this, you need to establish a profile of the typical customer and succeed in determining their real needs and what arouses their interest.

An effective capture page

Is composed of :

  • A catchy title
  • A clear and precise proposal with an attractive visual and a bulleted list of key arguments
  • One or more fields where the visitor can fill in his email
  • A call to action to confirm the sending of the contact form.

Give added value

This consists in highlighting your expertise. For this purpose, you must create a sequence of automatic emails. Once you have gained the prospect’s trust, you will offer him a product or service for sale.

3rd step: the sale

Create an effective sales page
The people who arrive on the sales page are those who have followed the tunnel well. They are highly qualified prospects. It is therefore a question of proposing an offer that meets their expectations and needs.

Generally, it consists of a title, a text, or a video and call to action buttons.

It can also include a title with a bulleted list of promises, followed by a description of the offer, customer testimonials, and, finally, a call to action button. A tip: test these two options, then adapt according to your target and your offer.

Setting up an order form

When the sales funnel has been well executed and a qualified prospect clicks on the call to action of the sales page, he is redirected to an order form. It is at this precise point that a future customer enters his personal information (postal address, bank details). This step is therefore essential.
You have to be convincing and reassure them not to let this possible sale slip through your fingers.

An effective order form is composed of :

  • A summary of the order
  • Free fields where the customer can fill in his information
  • Indicators of urgency and scarcity of the product or service concerned (remaining stock for example).

Upsell and down-sell

It is possible to increase the shopping cart by offering order bumps (=additional offers). There are also upsells. Similar to order bumps, they are only offered once the payment information has been entered. And when the offer is refused, the implementation of a down-sell (cheaper additional offer) is interesting to increase the invoice.

This can be :

  • A more than attractive promotion,
  • A promotion with a limited duration,
  • A gift for a purchase or a sponsorship.

Step 4: Setting up an order confirmation page

The different stages of a sales funnel are not set in stone. They can be modified according to the product and the target. What must be respected is the delivery of the product or service within a predefined timeframe. The sending of an order confirmation page is therefore necessary.

It must respect certain points and contain :

A summary of the products or services purchased,
Indications on the delivery method,
Information on the after-sales service.

Last step: offer a member space

The goal here is to build customer loyalty. This step is often proposed when buying an info product like training, but it can also be proposed after the sale of a physical product.

This can encourage cross-selling

Cross-selling is the action of offering, at the time of the sale or later, a complementary product to the one previously purchased. This allows the increase of the turnover thanks to the increase of the average basket.

The necessary tools

In summary, what you need to put in place is :

  • Propose interesting and quality content
  • Create capture pages to retrieve emails
  • Create automatic email sequences
  • Host a video, and one or more sales pages
  • Collect
  • Perform order bumps and/or upsells
  • Set up member spaces for training.

Technically speaking, you need

  • To have a blog. WordPress is good and costs 10 euros/month.
  • Host your different pages (capture, sales, order forms, training) with Clickfunnel, Learnybox, or (from 27 to 297 euros/month depending on the offer chosen and the software).
  • Send email sequences with Gestresponse, or, for example (from 13 euros/month).
  • Collect payments from future customers. For this Stripe is very good.

Finally, for the creation of a sales funnel that converts, the marketing tools that are currently the most successful are :

  • ClickFunnels
  • LearnyBox.

As mentioned above, is the most complete solution for creating a high-performance sales tunnel.

Indeed, it allows the creation of capture pages, sales pages, order forms, email sequences, the hosting of the various pages, and the sending of emails. To simplify the implementation of your business, seems to be the most efficient solution. At present, you are the only judge. It’s up to you to make your own opinion… But why pay more when you can pay less for the same result?