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France or abroad, whether you are 18 or 50 years old: you can succeed on the internet by opening your dropshipping online store. But what is THE winning product that will make you a winner?

Create your business on the internet and sell thousands of items per month, it’s possible!

Whether you live in France or abroad, whether you are 18 or 50 years old: you can succeed on the internet by opening your dropshipping online store. But what is THE winning product that will make you a winner?

The characteristics of the product winner

To start e-commerce quickly and without money is possible thanks to dropshipping. However, it is necessary to go step by step and not to miss the steps.

Clothing, organic cosmetics, video games: the first thing to do is to find a very profitable niche. As you can imagine, not all products are equal.

Some are successful, others are flops

The best thing is to bet on an article that solves a customer problem.

But be careful! Other essential factors must be respected to sell massively.

1) A response to a need

Put yourself in the shoes of your next customer.

What would they need now or in three months (summer, winter…)? Who is your target audience? How old are they?

Don’t hesitate to call your friends and family or create online surveys at this stage.

This will greatly help you understand your target and its expectations. If you meet this criterion, you’re 50% done. The rest will be easy.

Finally, choosing a product you like is a great idea

Selling something you know can save you. Especially if your customers ask you questions by email and phone before and after purchase.

Knowing your product, trying it, and using it daily will strengthen your credibility with your prospects.

2) Less competition

If your idea is to sell electric toothbrushes for children, stop right now and start over. All supermarkets already carry them.

To get the most sales on your site, you need to choose an innovative niche where the competition is low. To understand it, you can use the Ubbersugest tool.

It will allow you to see the number of searches for your term on the internet, to know the complexity of positioning yourself on this niche, and to find the related expressions typed on Google.

3) Innovation: the key to success

As you can imagine, you have to be creative in your choice of product. It has to enter the dreams of those who come across it.

When they see it on the web, they must not only want to buy it immediately but also want to share it with their cousin Paul on Facebook.

The famous “Hand-Spinner”, for example, has been the talk of the town

Your item should make buyers want to recommend it urgently. This marketing technique, simply called “word of mouth”, is one of the most profitable methods… And it’s free.

4) A trusted supplier

Once you have a great idea to break through with dropshipping, you’ll need to learn how to surround yourself well.

Being able to trust your partners is crucial

The success of your business depends on it. To do this, be very careful when searching.

Make sure they are reliable:

  • Respect of deadlines,
  • Minimum orders,
  • Compliance with European standards,
  • Management of returns,
  • Customer service,
  • Language barrier (if abroad),
  • Ease of contact,
  • Opening hours (evenings, weekends…),
  • Etc.

If you read negative comments on forums about them, don’t bother. And above all, make a test order!

5) A profitable product

The more products you sell, the more margins you will make. And the more margins you make, the faster you will be profitable.

Therefore, favor high average baskets and negotiate product prices and delivery rates with your supplier.

3 tools to find your winning product

Even though you will also use your reflection, choosing your dropshipping products cannot be a matter of chance.

Discover 3 tools that will save you a lot of time in your search for the winning item.

Aliexpress, sales calculator

The simplest method is to use Aliexpress.

For the novices, it is an e-commerce site specialized in the sale of products at low prices. You just have to create your account and go to the Dropshipping center.

Select a category (the one you are most interested in) and sort the results by the number of orders. Then paste the link of the product of your choice in the “Product Analysis” tab of the Dropshipping Center.

You will get a graph showing the evolution of the sales of this item

This way, you will be able to see if the transactions are decreasing, increasing, stagnating, for how long, etc.

Repeat this process with several items to find yours!

Turbo Ad Finder extension, an essential dropshipping tool

Available for free download, this extension is very promising.

To use it, nothing could be easier. Once you’ve added it to Chrome, go to Facebook to open it.

Once it’s open, simply click the button to activate it

This is the easiest way to find your potential competitors and track their advertising activities.

To stay on top of new ads and the latest trending articles, show Facebook that you are an engaged user. Watch videos, like, comment, share or save posts of articles that interest you.

The more you show the site that you like what you see, the more you’ll see!

Dropizi, the solution and its extension

Sometimes we have so many products in front of our eyes that we don’t know where to turn.

Dropizi offers an ideal tool to find inspiration and check the reliability of products

In addition to being a solution 100% dedicated to dropshipping that allows you to create your store without stock, this platform offers an extension that allows you to get a rating on products from the AliExpress website.

You can find my full review of this solution right here

By browsing the site with the extension activated, you will find a list of bestsellers (items that have worked). But be careful, these are products that will not necessarily work in a few months.

So don’t stop there in your research and continue to analyze your object to be sure to succeed in your e-commerce adventure.

How does it work?

Very simply: the tool retrieves different information such as the number of sales, the delivery time, the number of comments, reviews, etc.

If you are not sure of its efficiency, start by making an idea yourself by analyzing the well-rated products.

The platform also highlights the important automatic

This allows you to directly add the winning product to your catalog on your Dropizi store to sell it right away.

And now that you have all the criteria of the winning product and the best tools to access it, it’s up to you. On your marks, ready? Create!