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Without increasing its traffic and therefore its marketing expenses, we can quickly develop the turnover of a company, 10, 20 or 30%. An example your turnover is 1% you make 10 000€ of turnover by doubling it you will make 20 000€ without having to increase the traffic you understand the power of the transformation rate. And then even if you want to increase your traffic, this traffic must be able to transform efficiently afterward, in any case, one of your priorities must be to increase the transformation rate. In life I'm a traffic manager and I also manage personal websites, it's one of the performance indicators I monitor the most. First of all, if you are not familiar with the transformation rate here is a definition

We all know the importance of the transformation rate for an e-commerce site!

Without increasing its traffic and therefore its marketing expenses, we can quickly develop the turnover of a company, 10, 20 or 30%. An example your turnover is 1% you make 10 000€ of turnover by doubling it you will make 20 000€ without having to increase the traffic you understand the power of the transformation rate.

And then even if you want to increase your traffic, this traffic must be able to transform efficiently afterward, in any case, one of your priorities must be to increase the transformation rate. In life I’m a traffic manager and I also manage personal websites, it’s one of the performance indicators I monitor the most.

First of all, if you are not familiar with the transformation rate here is a definition

Definition of transformation rate

The transformation rate is the difference between the number of people who arrive on the site and the number of people who end up ordering, this rate is in percentage. For example, if out of 100 visitors, 1% order, it means that 1 person out of 100 has ordered on your site. It is therefore in your interest to increase this rate. On average, depending on the sector, this transformation rate is around 2%.

If you don’t have this transformation rate, you have work to do.

Of course, it depends on the sector, the more expensive the product is the less important the transformation rate will be! Here is the transformation rate in the eCommerce sector by sector:

I have listed for you the best ways to increase your conversion rate on your e-commerce site step by step, from the moment the user arrives on the site to the moment he will place an order.

When he arrives on your site

We will put ourselves in the place of the Internet user, it is a good way to improve the rate of transformation of your e-commerce, when this one arrives it does not know you and thus does not have confidence in you! You have to make him feel confident so that he agrees to enter his bank details with you, the first thing to do is to reassure him.

Reassure your customer

What stands out a lot when I hear the calls at work is that the future buyer needs to be reassured about delivery times, returns, or simply to hear the voice of my colleagues. Some people don’t necessarily call to ask for specific things but just to be reassured that there is someone on the other end of the line.

People are afraid of the internet, so you have to show that the site is well managed by people, men, and women. So you have to:

You must clearly display the delivery times via a “delivery” page visible in the footer

The eCommerce buyer has become mature and is increasingly demanding, he wants to be delivered quickly, if you do not clearly display the delivery times there is a good chance that you will miss sales.

Once again, put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

We all abandoned an order because we didn’t know when we were going to be delivered, so we placed an order on a competitor’s website which clearly displayed the delivery time.

I know that it can vary according to the suppliers but what I did was calculate an average delivery time according to all my previous orders. This will give the customer an idea of how long it will take to receive the order.

You must clearly display the return periods in the footer or even at the top of your site

Display the time and terms of exchange and refunds. This is the classic problem in my job, not a day goes by without someone calling to ask for this information. As a result, we realized that many buyers had to abandon their orders because they didn’t have this information clearly visible.

So we put a banner at the top of the site to explain that customers have 30 days to exchange or get a free refund on their order, no more customers call us about this, so the customer is more reassured and more likely to make a purchase.

You must humanize your e-commerce site

You are a small site in front of very big sites, that can play in your favor, do not hesitate to put you on the scene via a page “who are we” and explain the reason for your site, present yourself.

A customer who has the choice for the same price and the same service will always prefer to buy from a small site rather than a big one. If you have a physical store, put it forward, it shows that you are not just an e-commerce site, but that behind it there are people, employees, a real store.

You must be easy to contact

What’s worse than a site that you want to contact but you can’t find the phone number, you have to look in all the pages, while you were ready to buy, so what do you do? Well, we leave!

Here are still orders lost stupidly!

As I said above, the customer needs to be reassured, he doesn’t want to give his money to just anyone, he wants to be sure that there are people behind all this. They need information about a product before placing an order.

The telephone is an indispensable tool to turn a prospect into a customer

Have you read the book by the boss of Zalando: the happiness company? If not, I advise you to read it. He placed his customer service and especially the telephone at the heart of his customer acquisition strategy, the company makes 1 billion in sales, so maybe they have a good strategy, don’t you think?

You need to improve the speed of your site

I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but as soon as Amazon’s site takes one second longer to open, the site loses 1% of its turnover. The Internet user is in a hurry, he wants to go fast to make his purchase, having a slow site means taking the risk of losing visitors and therefore losing customers. There are several ways to work on the speed of his site, here are some articles that deal with the subject:

According to the voucher cloud infographic, 57% of Internet users abandon a site when it is too slow.

Set up customer reviews

What could be better than customer reviews to reassure your website visitors? As I said above, they don’t know you when they arrive on your site, so showing that you have customers and on top of that satisfied customers is inexorably reassuring.

Display a large facebook and/or twitter community

This is one of the factors that show that there is life in a site, that it is serious, serious enough to have customers who give their opinion, and serious enough to have a community that follows you on social networks.

Update your site regularly

If the visitor arrives and sees the same banners for months, he can say that the site is abandoned, you have to animate your site with new products, new commercial operations.

Offers shipping costs

Shipping costs are a big obstacle to sales, more than 28% of shopping cart abandonments are due to high shipping costs.

To counter this you can offer shipping costs to your customers

If you don’t want to lose out too much, offer free shipping from a minimum order, very often this minimum is 20% more than the average basket, so you will encourage visitors to increase their average basket to benefit from free shipping.

Create a buying guide

Very often, too often on eCommerce sites, the products are not explained, we just find the technical characteristics on the product sheet but in the end, it helps the buyer a little.

To help the buyer you have to explain how he has to use your product.

For example, let’s say you sell diapers (yes, like me), why not write an article on the following subject: “What size diaper should I choose for my baby?” In addition to showing your know-how and thus increasing your credibility in the eyes of the Internet user, you help the customer to solve a problem that he may have encountered, he will then be more inclined to buy from you.

Create FAQs

It’s a bit like the point above, your customers have questions and may leave if they don’t have the answer to one of their questions.

Creating a FAQ space is a good way to reassure your customers

You don’t have to make your FAQ all at once, but you can enrich your faqs with the recurrent questions you receive by mail or by phone.

Offers a size guide

On the internet, you can’t try the product as in a physical store. The size guide is therefore essential, it must be in the footer of your site and on the product sheets.

Offers the best possible commercial conditions

The customer likes to be as quiet as possible when he orders, he wants to be able to try the product for free. For this reason, I strongly advise offering free returns if possible, it helps to sell, reassures the customer, and especially gives him more time to exchange or refund than the legal minimum (14 days).

Why not offer them 30, 60, or 90 days?

I know that you may think that customers will be abused, that your costs will explode, but I realized that when I tried to apply it to my work. I realized that when I tried to apply it to my work, the return rate rarely exceeded 5% of total orders and that within that 5% the refund rate was around 1.75%.

So with the increase in turnover that the implementation of free returns will generate, the costs you will generate will largely cover the cost of the refund. You may not be able to afford it, but in any case, I advise you to extend the exchange/refund period.

Uses a powerful search system

The navigation or search system is very useful when an eCommerce has many products. Always to facilitate the customer, you must have intuitive faceted navigation. I see a lot of sites that put a lot of characteristics as search criteria.

But you have to ask yourself what your customer needs to choose his product?

Therefore you should only display the most important criteria. I also see a lot of sites with an endless choice of features as criteria, you have to simplify as much as possible and leave only the most useful ones.

Once it is on the product sheet, create urgency

Once the user is on the product page, you must try as much as possible to transform him into a customer as quickly as possible. To create urgency there are several methods:

Limitation du stock

Travel websites do it very well with the famous mentions: “only 2 places left…”. This mention is clearly there to encourage me to place an order quickly, the prospect says quickly I must place an order before it is too late. You can also add the phrase “only x products left in stock”, 5 this phrase can be displayed.

Number of people online

Another way to create urgency is to display the number of people online on the product sheet, again this good practice comes from travel sites. “Currently 10 people are looking at this product,” this mention tells the visitor that the product might not be available anymore because many people are on the product sheet, meaning that they are interested.

Display a countdown

This is a way that I personally use, I display a countdown to show the visitor that if he orders before such and such a time then he will be delivered in 24 hours, this answers one of his requests: the delivery time. Moreover, he visualizes this in the form of a countdown and this accentuates the urgency.

Prefer photos with the products being worn

A visual with worn products is more selling than the visual of the product alone. The buyer must be able to visualize the product, once again he does not have the product in front of his eyes, so the best way is to offer him this type of visual.

Put several quality visuals with the possibility of zooming on your product sheets

What could be more unpleasant than having only a picture when you want to buy a product? The future buyer must see the product from every angle and above all, he must have the possibility to zoom in on the product. So he can see every detail of the product.

A product with several quality photos will sell 58% more than a simple product sheet.

Put videos on the product sheets

I often buy from Asos and Adidas, these sites offer videos on their product sheets, it is one of the most powerful tools to help to sell. On a similar product when I was going to buy a product between 2 sites the choice was made thanks to the video, so I placed my order on the site that has the video.

So yes, I know it can be restrictive to make videos, but some suppliers offer videos. Don’t deprive yourself and put them on your product sheets. To keep on convincing you, you should know that the video allows you to increase the transfo rate by 31%.

Specifies if the product is in stock or not the date of availability of it

To avoid any confusion after the sale and to be transparent with him I advise you to mark visibly the delivery time on the product sheet.

Explain your product in a commercial way and not only the technical characteristics

On many websites, you can only see the technical characteristics which are, let’s admit it, sometimes incomprehensible. You have to explain the product in a commercial way, the advantages of it, how to use it, etc. The customer will be able to project himself more with a product sheet of this type.

If your products are expensive, offer payment in installments

I personally used it on big baskets (more than 200€) offering the payment in 3x without fees is essential, I regularly saw big baskets abandoned, as soon as I set up the 3x without fees this type of basket was much less important.

You can display on your product page the price of a monthly payment x the number of monthly payments, the buyer will immediately think that it’s not that expensive and will be more motivated to buy.

Product Reviews

What better way to talk about your products than your customers? 85% of Internet users read product reviews before making a purchase.

Customers ask questions that other customers can answer

In addition, customer reviews display visible stars in search engines, which increases the CTR (click-through rate).

Enlarge the size of the add to cart buttons

Always to make the customer’s life easier, make the add to cart button as big as possible, it should be as visible as possible when he arrives on your page, it should be the thing he sees the most.

Displays the blue card logos below the add to cart button and in the footer

The simple fact of displaying the logos of blue card, CB, visa reassures the customer that he can buy in full safety.

Once he has added a product to his cart, Simplify your sales tunnel

Make the design of the sales tunnel as simple as possible. The more you simplify your sales tunnel, the more likely the customer will place an order.

You need to remove all distractions for the user’s eye

The menu, the shopping cart, the footer… The sales tunnel must be as simple as possible. Since I switched to a closed shopping cart, the conversion rate has almost doubled. The biggest eCommerce sites do it, here is an example of a closed cart.

Allow Guest Orders

Too many sites ask buyers to register beforehand, why ask for that? Moreover, registration is very often placed at the beginning of the sales process.

I read a study that 25% of visitors abandon their shopping carts if they are forced to create an account

Don’t complicate your customer’s life, he wants to buy your product and not create an account with you. At worst, you can ask him to transfer his guest account into a “real account” once the order is placed.

Simplify your registration form

The essential information you need to deliver your customer is his address, his phone number, his first and last name, that’s all!

Why ask him his date of birth, his marital status, etc.

You have to think that each additional field, each additional step is an opportunity to lose the future customer that you have paid via (AdWords, Facebook ads, critéo …)

Put yourself in the place of the customer each time you have experienced difficulties registering on a website what have you done? You left the site! Without telling the owner of the site that you had a problem.

Connection with facebook

Today 30 million French people have Facebook, why not take advantage of this to allow your future customers to connect with Facebook? No need to be developed to integrate this kind of button, there are many modules to integrate this type of button depending on the type of e-commerce platform you use.

Asos also offers the connection with google and twitter but in my opinion, given the uses of google + or Twitter users are 90% also on Facebook so I think that Facebook alone is enough.

Offers a balanced selection of carriers

What I mean by this is that your customer must be able to choose between the more expensive but faster express delivery (UPS, TNT), the delivery in a relay point (Mondial relay, Relais colis) much cheaper but ideal for small baskets and the home delivery with Colissimo for example.

With this type of carrier, the customer has the choice, but do not give him too much choice either, because it could have the opposite effect or he would have difficulty choosing and may end up leaving.

Offers the most possible choice to customers to pay (paypal, transfer, check…)

More than 200 million people use PayPal so it is essential to propose it. I remember a site I had launched, it took me a long time to make sales, at that time I didn’t propose Paypal because I find the payment interface absolutely not intuitive. And then one day I put Paypal, 2 days later I had my first sale and a few weeks later I analyzed the sales I had to realize that more than half of my sales were made via Paypal!

People use Paypal because it’s convenient, easy to use and they are protected in case of a dispute

Now I always propose PayPal but also of course the CB, the transfers, and the checks so that I reach the most people possible. On the other hand, to avoid unpaid checks, I explain that the processing time of the order will be longer. The time that I cash the check and that it is well cashed.

If in spite of all this he abandons his basket

Despite all your efforts, the user has not placed an order, you have the retargeting to make him come back to your site.

Set up shopping cart reminders by email by phone by sms

I put a very precise process to retarget cart abandonment. When the user is in the cart and he directs his mouse to the cross to close the page, a pop-up appears depending on the amount of his cart a promo code is proposed.

The higher the cart, the higher the promo code

I use the VEpanel solution. If despite everything he decides to leave, depending on the amount of his order he receives within 30 minutes either an automatic reminder or an SMS with Carts Guru.

Do you know the opening rate of an SMS?

97% against 20% for the email it is a formidable tool underused by the eCommerce.

If the order is over 500€ the automatic reminder is triggered

The customer service receives a call with the name of the customer, the products in the basket, and asks whether or not we want to be put in touch with the customer, once validated the customer’s phone rings, the operator can then retarget the sale. If the order is less than 500€, the customer receives an SMS with a promotional code and a direct link to his basket.

The small cherry on the cake the promo code is already entered he only has to place an order

One day later the user receives an email with a link to his cart, to encourage him to order directly and make his work as easy as possible. In parallel I set up Critéo, Critéo will retarget all the people who came on the site by displaying them personalized banners according to the products they saw.

On my campaign, depending on the month, it is not uncommon to have an ROI of 6, that is to say, that for 1 € spent, Critéo makes me earn 6 €, great, isn’t it?

The acquisition is very expensive, so it is important to retarget your site visitors and even more so those who have abandoned their shopping cart. I have seen an increase of more than 20% in sales thanks to these retargeting tools.

Do ab/testing

Don’t take for granted what I tell you, everything must be tested, the truth of a sector is not the same for others, so it’s up to you to do some tests. The watchword on the internet is test, test and more test, accept to lose money sometimes!

Do you know AB testing?

It consists in testing 2 versions of a site to know which one works best. You can then review your design, copywriting, it is the essential tool to increase your transformation rate. Here are some tools: google optimizing, AB/tasty, Optimized.