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This software allows you to create a store on the Internet to present your product catalog and generate sales to Internet users. The big drawback with the platform is that the default language is English.

Shopify is a very good solution to start an online business

This software allows you to create a store on the Internet to present your product catalog and generate sales to Internet users. The big drawback with the platform is that the default language is English.

Between us, this is a real constraint for those who do not speak the language

If you want, you can translate your theme and put it in French, but I advise you another alternative much more effective.

In this article, I’m going to quickly explain how to put Shopify in French

But as I usually propose you the best solution for online sales in this blog, I will also direct you to 2 other 100% French e-commerce solutions to avoid wasting time in various translations: WiziShop and Dropizi. Find more details at the end of the article.

Shopify, a back office totally in English

Created in 2004 by three young Canadians, Shopify was born from the idea of putting on the market software allowing beginners to design their e-commerce store more easily.

Since 2006, Shopify has become a solution allowing e-merchants to benefit from a domain name, hosting, and an application allowing them to create and edit the pages of their site. I will prepare a full test on the solution in a few days 🙂

The brakes of the back office, the different themes and the external applications

The default language of Shopify is English. And even if you are French-speaking, its editor will remain in English. At the moment, a beta version is online to propose some parts of the administration space in French but nothing has been finalized.

First of all, you have to understand that you will not be able to translate your back office into French (this part is managed directly by Shopify)

You will have to wait for the updates of the solution and manage your entire store in English.

You will also have to manually translate all notifications, customer account, reminder emails, cart emails, order confirmation emails, etc

You will also have to translate your website theme.

Of course, you don’t have to put your Shopify website in French, but to optimize your sales, it’s better to think about translating your theme into your language because you risk scaring away many visitors.

Even if the tool will soon be released in French, most of the external applications and themes to buy and add to your online store to improve your sales are developed in English.

This is a major obstacle for merchants who want to sell in France

When you launch a store, you don’t have time to wait for developers to release this or that extension in French…

Steps to put part of your Shopify site in French

If you want to translate your site, here are the 3 steps to put Shopify in French.

1) Register on Shopify

The first step if you want to take advantage of the various offers and features offered by Shopify is to register. Once you register, you get 14 days free to try the tool. You need to provide your email address and set a password. Finally, choose the name of your store.

Once this step is done, the interface is displayed in English

The application then asks you to provide information about your online business and your data.

2) Put Shopify in French

As we mentioned above, putting Shopify in French does not mean translating the entire platform, but only the theme you used for your site.

All Shopify themes are in English, so you’ll have to translate them if you want to target a French-speaking market

The first thing to do is to go to your Shopify dashboard and follow these instructions:

  • Go to the “Customers” section
  • Click on “Customize Theme” and again on “Customize Theme”.
  • Go to “Debut Theme” and click on “Edit Languages”.
  • At the top right of your screen, click on “Change Theme Language”.
  • Select “French”.

It is very important to note that not all themes have full translations

For some, only the checkout messages and the system message can be translated into French. You will have to translate your theme yourself.

Finalize the translation with the menu

Menus are made of several links to optimize the navigation of your visitors.

However, they will not be automatically translated into French with your theme

To do so, here are the steps to follow:

  • In your dashboard, click on “Online Store”,
  • There are two items on the menu: “Footer menu” and “Main menu”. Select “Footer menu” which is at the bottom of the site.
  • Within the bottom menu, you will find an item called “Search”. Translate this to “Search”.
  • Then translate the main menu.

For some themes, the translation can be long because the theme is not optimized for the French market. So you have to translate Shopify manually into French.

How to have a store already translated?

With a 100% French solution, you can quietly start your online business and not waste time on different translations. The important thing in e-commerce is to focus on your core business: selling.

The 2 platforms I present to you are entirely in French: the back office, your store, the help, etc.

In addition to a monthly subscription at 27 euros/month, you will enjoy support offered by French Business Coach

And above all, a complete eCommerce training offered with more than 10 video modules! Not to mention the 385 included features that will allow you to sell efficiently and avoid paying extras like with Shopify extensions.


WiziShop is an e-commerce solution that has existed for 10 years. This platform is 100% French and offers you to create an online store quickly and easily. WiziShop is intended for pure e-commerce.

Everything is in French: the mobile application, the theme, the back office, the emails, the video training offered, the business coach, etc.

If you have your products, your stock, this is the best solution.


On the other hand, if you don’t have inventory and you’re on Shopify, Dropizi is the best alternative for your dropshipping business. I already talked about Dropizi in the Biganalytiks review article.

The training offered is of course geared towards dropshipping with niche research, supplier research, etc. You also have an extension available to automate the import of products and orders.

You can take advantage of both solutions with a free 15-day trial.