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Today, images are no longer just square-sized anymore; people can share everything from videos to live streams through Instagram's business function and show that they're always on top of their game!

It was only a matter of time before the world changed its mind about what constitutes an interesting medium for visual storytelling.

Today, images are no longer just square-sized anymore; people can share everything from videos to live streams through Instagram’s business function and show that they’re always on top of their game!

Instagram stories have changed the way people interact on social media.

Influencers like Kylie Jenner and brands such as Nike, Adidas and Rolex are thriving while other influencers with smaller followings struggle to get noticed in a sea of content that’s growing every day.

Take MVMT for instance.

Relying heavily on social media, they built a business with over $80 million in sales in just five years. “It’s much more difficult without a doubt,” says MVMT’s Kassan. “It’s still possible, but it would be very difficult to scale as fast as we did.”

You’ve probably seen your friends post on social media that they are telling a story.

Instagram Stories, also known as Insta-Stories or IG Story, is one of the newest features from online photography company and app developer Facebook Inc., which seems to be having some success with it!

The feature allows users to share photos and videos for 24 hours before disappearing into thin air without any trace behind them (like Snapchat)

The content shared in this way does not appear in the standard feed or profile grid but rather appears at the very top where you can scroll through all posts by date order. This system makes following stories more fun than trying hard to find someone’s latest snapchat video when there are so many other people posting their snapt.

When users post an Instagram Story, their profile image will gain a colorful ring around it to notify other users.

To view someone’s story on the app, simply tap on their profile photo and you’ll be able to see all of the content they’ve posted in 24 hours! When viewing a story, skip backward or forward by tapping left or right side of screen.

Even though it may sometimes seem like you are speaking to an empty room

Posting on Instagram Stories has become a popular way for many people to express their thoughts and feelings.

500 million daily active users is quite impressive!

In addition to this rapid growth in user base, the introduction of stories provides an opportunity for individuals that want more privacy from any unwanted trolls or public comments.

There’s no need when your story disappears 24 hours later.

When someone posts something new on social media they can expect likes and comments almost immediately, but not with photo/video-based “stories” available through app; these have been dubbed as “disappearing content” because once posted within the platform will disappear after 24 hours allowing only followers (updates).

The fact that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours means there’s an urgency which most forms of social media don’t have.

This presents a great opportunity to catch people’s attention, but with so many stories flooding the app and everyone trying their best for you to watch theirs.

It can be hard for any one story – even if really good-to get noticed.

The key is: Don’t just post your content once; re-posting will increase engagement in followers who didn’t see your original posts while also increasing exposure from new viewers by giving them another chance at viewing something they might enjoy!

A recent study found that reposted ads reach 23% more users than those posted only once

All because these are slightly less intrusive.

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and see a photo or video from someone who’s been sitting in the same place for hours?

Well, I’m happy to tell you there is now an app for those moments: it’s called “Stories”. Like Snapchat before them, these photos are only available on this specific platform until they “expire” – which means all of us can be real with one another without fear of our messages coming back to haunt us later.

It’s also worth mentioning what makes Instagram so remarkable

Because, let’s face it, we may not want every detail about ourselves to be broadcast forever on social media sites (because let me tell you, there have certainly been questionable Instagram Stories that usually last 24 hours before disappearing).

However, the case is different for IG stories with video content.

The videos on these types of stories can be up to 15 seconds long and they will disappear after being watched within that timeframe, but if you upload a video longer than 15 seconds then Instagram will cut it into pieces in order to make them fit as an Story according to their time limit guidelines of no more than 10 minutes per post with only four posts allowed every day (unless your account has been verified).

New to Instagram Stories?

You can start a new Story by tapping the camera icon on your screen, or swipe right. When you do this, there are two main options for creating an Instagram Story:

1- Tap “Start A New InstaStory” at the top of the page and then select what type of photo/video (or Live Video!) you want in that story – Boomerang video, Slow motion GIFs with captions- whatever!

2- To take photos or videos within another app like Snapchat from inside Instragram stories tap “Take Over Another App.” Then choose one from over 150 apps built into instragram!

Your story is only 24 hours old? No problem! You can still upload content from your device to the Story.

To add a photo, swipe up on Instagram or tap the icon beside Camera Roll in Library and select “Add Image”; For video, go to Video Tab in library and choose Add A Clip. The ideal dimensions are 1080px wide by 1920px tall with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

If you want to create your own custom graphic, there are free online design tools that offer a plethora of templates.

One popular option is “Canva” which offers users the ability to customize multiple designs in just minutes!

There are many different ways to capture content on Instagram

Including capturing photos and videos for Instagram Stories with ten options available from square format as well as vertical formats such as portrait or landscape orientation (and all combinations between).

There’s also an Insta-Story Creator tool that can be used by logging into your account at

The creator has prompted areas where either text only or photo + text will upload onto followers feeds when they open their app next time around – it’s customizable too. You can see them by scrolling to the left and right at the bottom of your screen.

This setting provides a colorful background for you words to shine against.

Simply change colors with tap on icon in the lower-left corner, then select font style using one from many options available.

With this feature, you can record a video to any music track or include background music with an image.

To start,

  • Search for the song that you would like to use in your Story and select it.
  • You will then be able to scroll through the timeline of the song until you find where on its soundtracks should begin playing when recording starts.
  • When ready tap “Record” icon which is located next to musical notes at bottom right-hand side of screen;
  • Otherwise tap-and-hold icon (located below Record) if starting production from filming images or videos already saved within app’s camera roll/gallery application.

How to go live on Instagram

Tap “Start Live Video” and your followers will be notified that you are now streaming! Keep in mind that once the stream finishes, it’ll disappear from the app unless saved as a photo or video.

This is what’s shown when first opening up Story creator.

The Boomerang setting takes a burst of photos that loop over and over to create an animation. Tap the main icon once and you’ll see your screen flash as the pictures are taken in quick succession. Make yourself move, such as winking to the camera or taking a step forward while this happens for higher quality video!

Instagram offers a dedicated Boomerang App that lets you create an instant GIF-like animation to share on other platforms.

This setting will focus your camera’s attention on one particular feature while blurring the background in order to make it look like you’re shooting with depth of field, which is especially useful for portraits.

Superzoom is the best way to share a moment with friends and family!

With this feature, you can zoom in on something hilarious or someone’s face.

You also have four different music styles to choose from when making your video

Classical Music of all types (Baroque, Romantic), Swing-Jazz classics from 1940s – 1960s like Count Basie & Duke Ellington; Rock ‘n’ Roll favorites which include Elvis Presley; and Modern day hits by Taylor Swift et all, such as “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

You can record your body frame by reversing the video.

Tap on a spot and it will be marked with white rectangle before you turn on the camera, tap Record icon to start recording!

This setting enables you to record a video without having to keep your finger on the screen of your smartphone.

It’s perfect for content like makeup tutorials and exercise demonstrations, but it also makes flipping through photos as easy as turning pages in an old book!

For the creative, stop-motion animation will bring your creativity to life like never before.

Share a sequence of photos one by one and when you’re finished tap “Done” at the top of your screen for an amazing animated GIFs that are sure not disappoint! To make IG stories pop try taking unique angles or adding text with filters – even use different kinds of stickers too if you want some extra flair! Face filters let you express yourself with bunny ears, flower crowns, glasses and more.

Plus the animation is sensitive to your movements so that when you move they respond!

To use a face filter: change camera view to front-facing (the smiley icon on bottom right of screen) then scroll through different faces until one catches your eye.

You can also use this text tool to customize your own message with different fonts and colors!

When it comes to adding text, don’t underestimate the importance of variety. Using multiple fonts, sizes and colors can help make your message stand out from others!

The new text function in Instagram Stories is a game changer.

You can use hashtags and tag other accounts to make your Story more engaging for the people viewing it with just one tap-of-a symbol. When you publish this story, viewers will be able to see these tags as small bubbles that contain links back into their account or hashtag page where they can interact even further!

The markers in Instagram Stories are not only fun, but extremely versatile too.

They can make any photo more interesting with just a few simple additions: After tapping the pencil icon at the top of your screen and selecting which marker style you like best (there’s five to choose from), pick out an appropriate color for your message or important detail that should stand out on its own – then type away!

You can paint and draw using the slider on your screen.

There are a variety of colors to choose from at the bottom, such as blue or red. Or if you want something more unique, like pink for an eye-catching graphic that reveals certain parts of photos or videos — press down hard on one color while rubbing around in circles until it looks just right!

Once you’ve picked out a photo or video, select the marker tool and your favorite color.

Press down for a few seconds on the screen to make it one solid colour like purple! Next use that eraser tool at the top of your phone to reveal what was hidden inside all along – an image filter from Instagram Stories that will change how people view every selfie they take in future.

Want to spice up your messages with stickers while still feeling like an awesome, creative person?

It’s easy: just tap the smiley face icon and you’ll be able to access tons of great options! There are so many different ones that it can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a quick breakdown on some of my favorite main sticker types

Instagram Stories have become a staple of the social media world, but did you know that they can also be used to help your business?

One way is by using geotags in Instagram stories.

Geotag stickers allow viewers on other platforms like Twitter or Facebook to see where your story was filmed and explore it themselves. Viewers will then come across all of their favorite brands while browsing through an event feed for instance!

It’s as easy as adding one sticker at any point during filming

Just click “Add” below the camera screen (geofilter) and select what location you want tagged with this particular post. This innovative new feature may not seem significant now, but there are so many ways we could use these little tags.

Do you want to take your Instagram Story game up a notch? Add hashtags!

Tapping on the hashtag sticker will send viewers looking for related content. Tag stickers let brands link to other accounts in their Stories, and get notified when the new post goes live.

Instagram Stories are a great way to add some fun and personality with GIFs.

Plus, there’s no shortage of them – Instagram has partnered up with Giphy so you can search for the perfect one in seconds!

Sometimes it takes more than just words or photos to express what we’re feeling inside

Which is why polls have become such an integral part of our story-telling experience on this platform.

When it comes to creating an Instagram story poll, you can choose from two different types of polls.

A/B polls let you pose a question and provide users with two answers to select between; while slider polls offer more flexibility as they give the creator complete freedom over what questions or statements will be included on their sticker pack. The best option for getting feedback is usually determined by how much engagement your followers have been showing in response to previous stories – so if those responses are lackluster, then try using an A/B poll next time! Slider polls gauge viewer’s feelings by letting them slide a bar sideways to submit their answer as a percentage. Just write your question and choose the appropriate emojis!

One of the most classic Instagram story stickers is countdown stickers.

They let you add an interactive timer to your Story where people can set alerts on when they want it to end or show a date instead so if there are any important dates coming up, then this would be perfect for that!

After the countdown ends, sign up for a reminder to get an alert.

Countdown stickers work best for sharing time-sensitive contests and they can be used to post reminders on Instagram stories during contest times too! When you want your special offer or promotion shared with as many people as possible in a limited amount of time (before it expires), try including these colorful fun features that will help spread the word about all there is going on right now. Once you’ve finished creating your Instagram Story, don’t forget to download it if you want an early Christmas present.

In the next step of this tutorial, we’ll show how to publish and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter

But before that make sure not only have a great story in mind for your followers but also one as well. When ready tap “Your story” then select any image or video from which point just drag across until cover up all area except for where the date is located at so now what’s left should be our killer InstaStory! Congratulations; I know that was easy right? Great job doing something new today Once you’ve completed making an awesome Instagram Story – do NOT forget about downloading it.

IG stories are a great way to engage your customers with real-time content.

The benefits of IG Stories include the ability for brands and influencers alike to take over their accounts, giving followers an inside look at not only what they offer but also insight into why those on Instagram trust them so much. The possibilities are endless when it comes time for you or one of your partners in crime (influencers) want to get creative!

In a recent influencer takeover, Sephora allowed an Instagrammer to talk about one of the products they recently stocked.

By giving followers insight into how real people feel about their brand through this person’s voice and experience with using it.

Sephora has created a more engaging account without sacrificing authenticity or trustworthiness for its audience.

In order to be successful in today’s social media-dominated world where brands are constantly fighting over attention span from consumers short on time but hungry for engagement, you have two options: create pure content that gets noticed quickly by your target market OR find ways to make what you already produce stand out even more than before so audiences will engage longer with posts instead of scrolling past them too soon. In addition Using Stories to tease product releases, upcoming events or contests can be a great way for brands and individuals alike to drum up excitement.

The natural curiosity of followers makes them want to revisit your Story in anticipation of the big reveal!

For example, handcrafted headbands brand Bougie Bands used a Story recently with an adorable little girl wearing their products on her hair-don’t you just simply love it? Using stories as a tool is one surefire way today’s businesses are using new technologies like mobile apps and social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger chatbot (FBML) that give people unprecedented levels of engagement through personalized conversations. Handmade headbands company Bougie bands  recently started teasing its latest collection by posting photos from The type of lively content featured on Their Story provides followers with a glimpse into the new product and what it would look like.

You can post Stories that last for 24 hours

but they disappear after being posted which could be a downside to this option depending how often you want your customer’s customers updated about an upcoming event or promotion! Jessica Holmes, dessert advocate and recipe creator extraordinaire has made a name for herself by providing her followers with delicious recipes that are sure to keep their sweet tooth happy. Her latest clever tactic is using Instagram Stories which typically stay on your account 24 hours before disappearing forever! This way Jessica’s loyal customers can always have access to the best desserts without ever having to worry about losing them among all of those other posts in their newsfeeds. Instagram Stories are limited to 15 seconds, but with apps like Story Cutter and Continual you can split longer videos into shorter clips.

Ever wonder how to create the perfect Story?

There are so many cool features and effects in Instagram Stories that you can’t use anywhere else. One of my favorite IG story hacks is pinning a highlight forever! It’s really simple: just tap on “Add To Profile” when uploading your Highlights, then select which place to pin it at. You’ll be able to save these highlights for as long as you want (or until they’re deleted). Now all your most memorable moments will live with people after 24 hours because no one wants their memories disappearing!

Savvy brands use Story highlights to promote their most important information and deals.

Biganalytiks is leading the way in using features on Instagram like Stories Highlights, which they are utilizing for some of their top resources- including links to articles about products that have been successful with Biganalytiks or posts introducing new ones! To use this feature, go ahead and create a new story as you would before but then bump up your highlight bar at the end by clicking “Add Highlight”. You can now choose what kind of content it will be highlighting from things such as polls all the way down to showcasing specific store items! Once your story is live, open it and tap “Highlight” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Then you can continue to add as many sections of your story to highlight as you’d like!

You will then be able to customize how each section looks by choosing from different colors and formatting options for text styling (e.g., bold, italicized). After that’s done, give this new highlighted passage a title—perhaps what inspired or motivated these particular words? Tap “Add” when finished writing down titles so they’re all added into one easy location on our app which also enables other users explore them through hashtag searches later on too! This way people don’t have scroll endlessly throughout their feed. To do this, swipe up when viewing your own story.

When you reach 10,000 followers on Instagram or more

The app allows you to add links in you stories so you can showcase what’s new and offer a special promotion for people who are following along with their hearts!

This new feature allows you to add links within your Instagram Story.

Just select the link icon and input the web address of the site you want people to visit, then tap preview before tapping done! This is a great way for readers scrolling through their news feed on mobile devices or desktops to go directly from reading about an event in your story to learning about it by clicking on that webpage without having to type anything.

Instagram Stories are an incredibly powerful tool when used to their full potential.

Plus, the features available offer a blank canvas for endless creativity! However you use them, make sure that engagement and building relationships with your audience is always on your mind.