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This dropshipping provider has been positioned among the largest in Europe, and many people want to learn more before they start working with them. To write this article we have collected a testimonial on how this supplier works on a day to day basis. But first, let's take a look at what kind of dropshipping provider BigBuy is and what services they offer.

If you are looking for reviews on BigBuy you have come to the right place.

This dropshipping provider has been positioned among the largest in Europe, and many people want to learn more before they start working with them.

To write this article we have collected a testimonial on how this supplier works on a day to day basis. But first, let’s take a look at what kind of dropshipping provider BigBuy is and what services they offer.

What is BigBuy and what are its services?

BigBuy is a leading dropshipping provider in the European market, which stands out for its large catalog with all kinds of product categories. Many entrepreneurs or companies choose this supplier because they offer all kinds of services and centralize the needs of their customers.

They describe themselves as an “All-in-one supplier”. Before considering the reviews of BigBuy, we will give a brief overview of the main features of this provider.

Catalog: one of BigBuy’s strengths.

This supplier negotiates and manages relationships with all types of suppliers, to offer a very complete catalog to their customers at very competitive prices. Among its thousands of products, we find the first brands and all its articles include content optimized for SEO and translated into 24 languages.

Logistics: another of the most important aspects of BigBuy.

This provider offers the possibility of dropshipping, which simplifies the management of their orders for their customers. In addition, its logistic power allows them to make shipments within 24 hours.

B2B store: a point in favor of BigBuy is that it has known how to transfer perfectly eCommerce to B2B.

Its online store works in a fully automated way and its customers can buy products in bulk online and with discounts according to the quantity. BigBuy also offers the possibility to buy items by the unit PVC (the Retailer Price at which customers can buy products from the BigBuy catalog).

Synchronization: Synchronization is one of the main concerns in online sales.

It is important to find a supplier that offers synchronization options, which avoid manual work and errors. BigBuy offers different synchronization options, either via its Dropshipping 360° Store, its Multi-Channel Integration Platform, or via API or CSV-XML files.

Resources: This dropshipping provider offers its customers promotional banners that can be used for sales.

In addition, they have access to BigBuy Blog and BigBuy Academy, to discuss dropshipping and e-commerce, and to get technical support for their products.


its customers can download invoices online, and have a virtual wallet to facilitate purchases. In addition, all European tax complexity is automated on its website.


BigBuy is integrated with the main transport agencies (UPS, DHL…) and makes shipments all over the world at very competitive prices. The customer will be able to easily follow the shipment via ID tracking.

After-sales service.

Last but not least, BigBuy’s after-sales service ensures the reception of refused shipments and manages all the after-sales service and product warranty.

To start working with BigBuy, it is necessary to purchase one of its wholesale packs, giving access to the advantages of this dropshipping supplier.

The packs, which have evolved recently, are the following:

  1. B2B Pack: The B2B Pack offers, among other things, the possibility to buy units at wholesale prices (PVC), stock blocking for 7 days, and up to 3 dropshipping shipments per month.
  2. Dropship Pack: Unlimited dropshipping and access to BigBuy’s catalog via FTP through CSV/XML files in 24 languages.
  3. Enterprise Pack: This is the most complete pack. It includes all the services mentioned above, as well as access to Multi-Channel Integration and integration with electronic marketplaces (with Boutique Dropshipping 360º).

Previously, four packages were offered.

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Business
  • And Premium.

Now, customers who still have these packages will gradually have to switch to the new options.

BigBuy review: testimonial from a user of this provider.

To write this article we spoke with Alex Martin, owner of an e-commerce business specializing in culinary products like utensils or small appliances.

Martin started working with BigBuy in 2015, the same year he launched his eCommerce business.

“I had just come from working at a digital marketing agency, and I wanted to start my own online store to practice the tricks I had learned and have a new source of income. I love cooking, so I thought selling that type of product would be a good way to start.”

Martin set up his own e-commerce business on Prestashop, but very quickly he ran into a problem.

“The stock”. This was my main problem in the beginning. I looked for several wholesalers and my original idea was to buy stock in advance to store it at home and take care of the shipping once the orders started to arrive at the store.

However, this system required me to make a significant investment without having sold a single item.

Also, at that time I was living in a small studio apartment, and putting products in storage and packing them was very uncomfortable and would waste a lot of time. Martin then got in touch with a few friends who were in the game and one of them gave him a positive review about BigBuy and advised him to give them a try.

BigBuy seemed like a good option for several reasons:

They offered dropshipping, they had a considerable amount of kitchen items and they offered me various options to synchronize my website with theirs. In addition, they are located in Europe allowing for fast shipping and no language issues like with an Asian supplier.

I thought I would just sign up and start selling, but I didn’t.

I had to buy one of their wholesale packages, and that made me a little hesitant because you have to pay a set-up fee and a monthly fee. I spoke with the sales team and they explained that buying this pack would give you access to all the benefits offered, so I bought the Pro Pack, which included unlimited dropshipping and CSV/XML files in one language.

I hadn’t planned on this expense, but it was still a much smaller investment than buying stock in advance.

Now they’ve simplified the packages and changed the names, but I started with the one mentioned and gradually made progress as my store grew.

The first few weeks Alex had to spend many hours programming everything correctly and defining a pricing and distribution strategy.

His package included the catalog in CSV/XML, so he uploaded it entirely manually and devoted himself to setting up payments and starting to run simple Adwords and social media campaigns.

As the first sales came in, I gradually improved the page.

I started playing with retargeting and even talked to a few food bloggers about my products and website. Some of the things I tried worked, some didn’t. It was a constant trial and error.

Working with BigBuy is a daily occurrence.

My opinion of BigBuy is that if you really want to sell, it’s a great option. When I started to have a considerable number of daily orders, I switched to the Business Pack and translated the website into the two languages I knew.

In addition, I talked to a programmer to help me synchronize my website to BigBuy via API. This saved me a lot of manual work and allowed me to let it work in “automatic mode”. Now, looking back, I realize that these two decisions were the right ones.

What about today? What is your opinion about BigBuy

I still have a very positive opinion of BigBuy. I’ve been working with them for 3 years, which says it all. When my first e-commerce business worked out, I started another one for home decor.

Later on, I opened a pet shop, and I was surprised to find that it is still the most successful one. It is also true that when I opened it, I had the experience of several years of managing my own e-commerce.

At the moment I have three successful stores, all synchronized with BigBuy and its catalog.

I’ve had some problems with shipping, or with synchronization, but every time I’ve used BigBuy they’ve provided a solution. My current pack expires soon, so I will be upgrading to one of their new packs, the Enterprise Pack.

In conclusion, of course, I would recommend this provider to anyone who wants to start their own e-commerce business.