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Refer to your own life, you are a source of ideas. By thinking about what really inspires you in life, it is easier to come up with ideas on what you want to do next. This should be the very beginning of your dropshipping niche search.

With a little thought, you can easily come up with ideas for products that could be a hit!

Refer to your own life, you are a source of ideas. By thinking about what really inspires you in life, it is easier to come up with ideas on what you want to do next. This should be the very beginning of your dropshipping niche search.

Finding a product that fits what you love will motivate you.

If you are selling something that you don’t particularly know or care about, you may get bored with your product and the work involved.

Conduct an analysis of your life in general, then get into the important details

Look around you. Look closely at your friends, family, colleagues, and their respective needs.

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What does my family care about?
  • What do my friends and colleagues envy?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll quickly find out which sectors of activity are likely to help you discover the right dropshipping niche for your first launch in online sales.

For example, if you like soccer, it is essential to dig a little deeper into the subject and not stop at the basic questions.

Take an interest in everything that revolves around this sport. Soccer is not only about jerseys and balls! It’s also about specific equipment.

In short, find the niche by exploiting the sectors and sub-domains that will help you define the right products to sell.

Go to the specialized sites

When you are sure that you have chosen the right dropshipping niche, it is time to discover the products that you are going to sell on the specialized sites. You might be thinking that you don’t have enough time to do all these small operations.

It’s simple, to do your research, use Dropizi

This French platform is dedicated to the creation and implementation of dropshipping websites. But the most important thing is that it has a varied catalog with the association of many popular wholesalers in the dropshipping world like AliExpress, BigBuy, BusyX Pro, Brandsdistribution, etc.

By registering on this platform, you have 15 days of a free trial

During this time, you will be able to search for the top products with millions of references. Everything is done quickly. With just a few clicks, you will be able to integrate products on your own website. The interface is designed to make everything quick and easy.

Tips for choosing your niche

Now that you have the technique to find a profitable dropshipping niche, here are some tips to make the right choice.

Prioritize niche products

Trying to sell a variety of products is not a strategy that works in dropshipping, at least not to start the business!
It is better to focus on a specific theme or a single product. Moreover, a dropshipping niche can only be made up of products from the same sector.

You will have more chances to sell all your items and earn money quickly

Let’s take the example of the sports world in general. Today, the field is becoming too accessible, and it must be said that many dropshippers are already in the business. So it is not an effective niche since the sector is already saturated.

But if you are inspired by sports in your dropshipping project, it is better to specialize for example in connected sports watches or home fitness accessories, than to sell many sports-themed products at the same time on your e-shop.

This does not mean that you will stay at the same point indefinitely, without being able to improve and grow your store. As sales increase, it is possible to get a more complete sports range. Take it one step at a time rather than rushing into it.

Avoid high-tech products

I don’t recommend the high-tech products that dropshippers are currently focusing on. The sector is very popular with e-merchants, and this is partly understandable given the cost generated by the purchases of large consumers who ensure a very high margin.

It is also a risky sector in terms of customer returns with products that may malfunction

Especially if you work with Chinese suppliers like AliExpress, it is common that the products received are of poor quality and never work. If you really want to lean towards high tech, find a European supplier or French supplier with quality products.

Take an interest in non-digitized sectors

Non-digitized sectors are a good way to find a niche that is not yet exploited! There are certain activities that you particularly like and could help you succeed with your e-commerce. Take the example of hunting or fishing.

Sometimes the most reliable dropshipping niches are the most unlikely

The secret is to observe the environment around you to know a little more about what people want to acquire to have a simpler and more convenient life.

Think of the accessories

Accessories are among the top-selling items online. You can make the jackpot explode by finding the accessories fetishes of enthusiasts.

You probably think first of all of the equipment related to your smartphone: cover, shell

Think again, these accessories are now everywhere on the market and it is almost impossible to make money with this kind of product… Moreover, physical outlets are available at every street corner to make this kind of purchase.

Who says accessories, also says products related to the most basic object enthusiasts

As you have seen above, it is sometimes a question of simple things that we did not necessarily imagine one day selling on the web. Fishing boots or bait for hunters will have more success with Internet users than a phone cover.

The best strategy is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to discern their needs more clearly.

Different niche ideas in dropshipping

Here is a list of niche ideas to exploit. Of course, I invite you to find other ideas than these. The goal is to help you think, to know how to take a step back on the theme you like to collect good ideas of dropshipping niches.

Dig into your own mind!

Be inspired by the way all e-tailers have managed to discover their niches, and take the time to think about what you want to put on sale on your site.


While some sites sell men’s shirts and others sell trendy underwear, there are also stores that specialize in selling wooden shoe trees. I never tire of mentioning this. Accessories are the products that often make the most money!

There is no right or wrong idea, nothing is really certain until you try it

A project is a project. The goal is to become an expert in sales, but first of all, to become familiar with the product you are offering on your site.

The automobile

Today, the automotive sector is becoming more and more developed. Drivers no longer go to a garage to buy new parts or accessories, not even to make an appointment for the maintenance of their cars.

Now, all operations are done online, which is obviously more convenient for drivers.

On the internet, there are sites that offer halogen lamps, parts for tuning cars, or even used optics

There are of course many other products in this area, take a look at the marketplaces to get some ideas! I have focused on cars, but you can also look at motorcycle accessories dropshipping.


Furniture has also found its place in e-commerce. Except that to be able to find your way around, you have to start by choosing the type of furniture you want to put forward on your site. For example, specialize in bedding.

And again in this area, several options are available to you. We know the model of classic beds, but why not look at the side of heated mattresses for the bed?

You will have understood, the key to succeeding in making the sale take off is to specialize in a precise field and to dig into the theme. There is no need to sell products that are already popular on the web.

Internet users are always looking for original and specific pieces to their needs

The first step is to become familiar with your products, to know what you sell. You will see that you will succeed in surpassing the neighboring sites by working on your products. Expertise is what it takes to attract thousands of visitors to your online store.