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Maybe you've heard of it briefly and you're not using it yet, but if you're about to create your own Shopify store, you should definitely consider this awesome theme that is Fastlane. In my humble opinion, it is simply the best single product Shopify theme and moreover it is 100% made in France. So, in the article I've prepared for you today, I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about a theme perfectly adapted to the needs of the online sales market in France, which will allow you to create a store with all the chances to sell your products.

Have you ever heard of the Shopify Fastlane single product theme?

Maybe you’ve heard of it briefly and you’re not using it yet, but if you’re about to create your own Shopify store, you should definitely consider this awesome theme that is Fastlane. In my humble opinion, it is simply the best single product Shopify theme and moreover it is 100% made in France. So, in the article I’ve prepared for you today, I’m going to tell you everything there is to know about a theme perfectly adapted to the needs of the online sales market in France, which will allow you to create a store with all the chances to sell your products.

Creation of a store to your image, optimal performance, and much more

All accessible quickly and easily, even if you are a beginner in selling on the Internet. With Fastlane, e-merchants have everything to gain. Fastlane, a single product Shopify theme close to perfection? Yes, it is! And we explain it to you just below.

Fastlane, a powerful theme that combines performance and design

If Fastlane is so powerful, it is first of all because we have the possibility, as an e-merchant, to create a store with an ideal design, without having to neglect the technical performance. Fastlane is :

A professional, clean and elegant design, which goes straight to the point.

No smoke and mirrors, just a useful layout.

The stores are automatically designed in responsive design, which means that the interface adapts to both PC, tablet and smartphone. And given the increasing number of sales made via smartphones, this point is really crucial in the choice of a powerful template. The elements of reassurance are not lacking, which strongly participates in creating an online store that converts.

Fastlane, a single product Shopify theme that fits all e-merchants

The Fastlane template is perfect for single product Shopify stores, but not only, since it also fits perfectly to all kinds of online businesses, namely: multi-product stores, dropshipping online store, Amazon FBA e-shop, or even generalist stores. Fastlane is truly the ideal theme for any project. Those who have tried it have adopted it!

A single product Shopify theme to customize 100 %

A very important aspect when you want to create a store as you imagine it, and not according to an imposed theme. With Fastlane, the design is completely customizable. If you want to put forward a graphic linked to the brand image of your company, there again Fastlane will not disappoint you. Everything can be configured according to your wishes: from the main page, to the product pages, to the shopping cart, to the footer, to the call-to-action buttons, to the top bar.

Fastlane, a single product Shopify theme that boosts your SEO

Because SEO is a priority that cannot be neglected, the developers of Fastlane have made it a point to design a pro SEO template. bThe goal is to create stores that convert a lot and generate a lot of sales. Without going into detail, I guarantee you that all the necessary SEO elements are built into the theme, and that’s a really big plus.Fastlane is a theme designed to help your stores rank in the top results of Google, nothing more, nothing less.

Fastlane, customer conversion first!

Unlike the classic theme, Fastlane integrates into its program all the elements necessary to convert a visitor into a confirmed customer. Nothing has been left to chance on this side and the actions that go in this direction are multiple:

  • Professional design that immediately reassures a new buyer.
  • Reassuring store that displays security icons in key places.
  • Perfectly designed product sheets and a fully developed sales tunnel.

Additional options available:

simplified checkout process, various CTA buttons, top bar and footer customization, and much more!No other single product Shopify theme is as complete as this one! That’s why Fastlane has quickly become the most popular theme among French e-merchants.

Shopify Fastlane single product theme, go for the French market

Perfect for French-speaking e-merchants, the Fastlane theme is also perfectly adapted to the French market. Why? Because the developers who worked on it based on the experience of many web consumers, on conversion analysis, and on many tests to design this template.

The whole team is French and knows perfectly the needs and buying habits of French consumers.

This is also a huge advantage, because everything on Fastlane is designed to appeal to French customers and encourage them to buy on your Shopify stores. Another great feature of Fastlane is that it natively integrates General Terms and Conditions (GTC) adapted to the French legislation. This saves you precious time to launch your e-shop on the market more quickly.

Benefit from regular maintenance with Fastlane

By purchasing the Fastlane theme license, you also benefit from regular updates that add new features to the template. The updates allow Fastlane to evolve according to the feedbacks of the different e-merchants using it.

With Fastlane, you can create a successful store in the long term. By choosing a theme like this one, with the support of the whole team of professionals who work in the background, you are sure to make a very good choice.

Another huge advantage

The support and the after sales service. Hyper reactive and very efficient, the Fastlane team allows you to manage your store in the best possible way for an e-commerce always operational and functional. And this is an observation made by several hundred happy customers, whose comments can be seen on the Fastlane presentation page of Ulrich Vallée’s website.

Fastlane and its pre-built applications

The designers of the Shopify Fastlane single-product theme have thought of everything, including allowing you to optimize the monthly expenses related to the operation of your e-shop. To achieve this, they simply thought of integrating essential applications directly into the theme, to avoid e-merchants having to pay subscriptions every month to benefit from them.

Fastlane, tutorials offered to e-merchants

A big advantage of Fastlane is that it offers video tutorials that allow you to create and launch your online store without any hassle. Being able to benefit from such support, especially when starting out in this sector of activity, is really something very practical. Here again, we can see immediately the professionalism of the Fastlane team that has really thought of everything in the smallest details.

Fastlane, a very affordable price for a theme of this quality

The license that allows you to obtain the Fastlane theme is offered at 187 euros TTC, and offers the possibility to configure a store. To use Fastlane on several stores, you have to buy several licenses. Nevertheless, this price remains very reasonable considering the performance of this star theme. The tutorials offered are also a strong argument, which weighs heavily in the choice of Fastlane for your Shopify e-shop.

Highlights of a Shopify store created with the single product Shopify theme Fastlane

Fastlane allows you to create a selling store that truly represents your company’s brand image. Here are some examples of what Fastlane allows you to implement on your Shopify store:

An attractive homepage

The home page of a store is very often the first page that a visitor arrives on. It is therefore necessary to do everything possible to ensure that the future customer stays on the site and does his shopping there. With Fastlane, you can configure it to 100%, place decisive elements such as: your logo, commercial images, product images, advertising banners, etc.

Product sheets designed to convert

The product sheets that can be created with Fastlane are there for one thing only: to sell your products. You can therefore configure descriptions, images, options, CTAs, and other reassurance elements.

A properly set up shopping cart

The shopping cart is the stage where almost everything is gained, but everything can still be lost. A poorly configured shopping cart could scare a customer away, but with Fastlane everything is designed to make the customer complete their purchase and move on to the checkout stage of their visit to your online store.

And that’s not all, the Shopify single product theme has many more surprises in store for you!

My article is now over. So as you can see, my overall opinion about Fastlane is more than positive. The theme is just perfect, and the team behind this project is very invested and reactive in case of blockage. So go for it, you won’t regret it!