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Choosing the wrong one will result in wasted time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere on your business or project. But don't worry! We've done all of the hard work for you by comparing two well-known platforms: Shopify vs Squarespace; which offers more value?

There is no such thing as an easy decision when it comes to choosing a website platform.

Choosing the wrong one will result in wasted time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere on your business or project. But don’t worry! We’ve done all of the hard work for you by comparing two well-known platforms: Shopify vs Squarespace; which offers more value?

The best answer to the question of “what’s better, Shopify or Squarespace?” is dependent on your needs.

The two platforms are similar in many ways- they allow you to build a website and sell online without coding skills. But some differences set them apart: for example, if you need an eCommerce site with custom domain names (like www.yourstorenamehere), then it might be worth considering investing more time into learning how to use WordPress than SquareSpace because it does not have this capability built right in like Shopify does;

but both options offer powerful features such as SEO optimization tools so you can see what keywords people type into search engines when looking for products just like yours! You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have this amazing idea and no way of turning it into reality.

It’s important that you give yourself the chance to take charge of your future career before someone else does!

You know what they say, “We’re all our own worst boss.” That’s why we need an app like Shopify or Squarespace that will help us make beautiful websites without any coding experience.

It’s never been easier to build an online store or content-based website.

With over a decade of being in the game, Shopify and Squarespace have come so far that you can use either platform for these purposes! That means it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell something or share your knowledge with others; both platforms are great options.

A lot has changed since they first started out from their humble beginnings as two small companies created by entrepreneurs

Now there are tons of third-party apps on one side while eCommerce functionality is integrated into the other making them even more robust than ever before.

Shopify is still focused on providing an integrated suite of business tools to help “anyone, anywhere” start a successful and profitable enterprise. And Squarespace has remained true throughout the years in its vision of being simple yet powerful for creators with big ideas.

You’ll see this theme play out as we continue through our article today!

It’s important to ask yourself an essential question from the outset:

Do you want a content-based website, or would you also like to sell through your website at some point? Cost is a vital consideration when weighing Shopify vs. Squarespace.

So which platform is cheaper and which one provides more value? Let’s take a look.

Shopify has 5 different pricing plans

  • Basic ($9),
  • Professional ($29),
  • Unlimited($79) per month;
  • Starter Plan (14% + $75/month);
  • Advanced plan(20%)+$150/mo.

Enterprise Plans for large businesses that need customized features starting at $299 monthly with various discounts (based on the number of users in the organization.)

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business without any upfront cost, Shopify Lite is the perfect platform for your needs.

You get access to everything necessary for terms of commerce features and can even add customizable ‘Buy Now’ buttons for easy convenience!

For those who are serious about their enterprise solutions, we recommend going with Shopify Plus.

This will give you all that plus some industry-specific toolsets like inventory management or customer support options (depending on what exactly it is they do). And the best part? There’s no risk involved because there are 14 days free trial period before making any commitment.

Squarespace is a good option for online shopping websites,

but it may not be the best choice of the platform if you’re just starting.

The ‘Personal’ plan only has basic features

Like blogs and galleries so most people will want to upgrade fairly quickly to the ‘Business’ plan! This one does charge 3% on every transaction, though; this makes other platforms seem cheaper in comparison.

Starting a business or taking an existing one online is becoming more appealing.

With eCommerce sites such as Squarespace and Shopify, you can start earning money much quicker than before! It’s worth considering which site would be better for your needs; some people might not want to sell right now but in the future, they may decide that it makes sense to do so.

Every single plan on Shopify allows you full access, whereas only two of their plans allow this with SquareSpace – both of them are very expensive too (costing $38/month).

The best way to find out what suits your purpose most while saving time and money?

Take advantage of free trial offers from either company:: With Squarespace, you’ll need to upgrade to the Business or Basic Commerce plans for your site visitors and customers to be able to purchase products from your store.

However, since it’s a newer platform than Shopify there are fewer of these available features at this time.

The good news is that with all three sites (Squarespace, Etsy & Shopify) if you become an active member on each marketplace they provide additional tools like design templates where both buyers can find what they want more easily without having too much competition between sellers!

Shopify’s online store builder offers a way to seamlessly and easily embed products with just the click of one button.

A popular option is cross-border eCommerce, which opens up access to markets in other countries without having any physical presence there.

Shopify also features an easy integration with social media that allows you to sell your product or service on top influencers’ blogs. Did you know that Shopify has an extensive app store for eCommerce which provides virtually limitless potential? Knowing this, it is no surprise why they win the battle of online shopping.

Shopify is the perfect platform for any business with more than 100 payment gateways to choose from.

Shopify’s own gateway, called Shopify Payments, offers its customers a 2% discount on all purchases made through it so long as they are not using another service that may already be built into their current website or storefront such as PayPal or Stripe.

Shopify Payments charges 2.9%, plus $0.30 per transaction on the ‘Basic Shopify’ plan, and the charges decrease as you upgrade to the ‘Shopify’ and ‘Shopify Advanced’ plans to 2.6% and 2.4%, respectively with Squarespace, its rates will vary depending on which payment gateway you use but are expected be similar in cost;

however not all sites have this option so it should be checked before making a final decision – ultimately though, thanks to its streamlined process for accepting payments through Standard Wire Transfer or PayPal (2 of their most popular options) compared with partnering up with different gateways like Stripe or Braintree Preferred merchant accounts from banks may seem more complicated Building a website is all about the design — and not just because appearances matter.

Shopify vs Squarespace? Let’s compare!

With nine free themes to choose from, each with its own customizable variables, you’re sure to find what your business needs at an affordable price point ($100-$180). Still in that rare chance (though unlikely) if you can’t seem to click on anything we have available for purchase or download…maybe it’s time for something new!

Many e-commerce websites offer a template for their users to build upon,

But Squarespace has the most variety of free templates with 127. Shopify also offers some stunning designs that are responsive and adaptive so you can use them on any device without having to worry about how it will look at a specific size.

However, many of these templates seem geared towards those who want an online portfolio or other content rather than just selling products; whereas if you choose one from Shopify’s website then they’re more equipped in this area due mainly to their larger selection of themes available.

Shopify’s App Store is a vast ocean of digital tools, hosting over 6,000 apps and integrations.

But with so many options to choose from it can be challenging to find the right app for your needs. Luckily Shopify has all the answers! With an in-depth library full of different types of products like social media management or customer loyalty programs you’ll never have trouble finding what you’re looking for again – no matter how specific your request might be!

All these great features are only available through one service: Shopify.

But don’t worry if this seems too big because they offer their services at affordable prices that fit any budget which means there will always be something out there just waiting for you.

Your Squarespace offers just 24 extensions, but this number is likely to grow over time.

This means that if you sign up with Squarespace and you discover it doesn’t provide a feature you need or want, then your only option will be to keep using what they offer—unless of course, the limitations are part of why their product appeals to customers in the first place! Shopify’s app store provides users with virtually unlimited customization potential without the need for coding.

Instead of buying and managing your own stock, you work directly with third-party suppliers who take care of everything! The Shopify app store is a trove of dropshipping apps, enabling entrepreneurs to design and sell their own products.

Furthermore, it also has Biganalytiks

An all-inclusive platform that simplifies the entire process from starting your business with its dedicated resources for beginners as well as providing everything you need to succeed in your endeavors!

In comparison, Squarespace only offers what’s necessary for simple websites but lacks any other features such as eCommerce support or mobile capabilities.

In today’s digital world, it is very easy to have a website for your business.

There are many options available and you will need to research the platform that best suits what you want out of your site or blog. Shopify has an enormous amount of resources on their app store so they win in this category!

You may also run into some problems with setting up or running your online storefront but it could be worth considering what customer support is offered by these platforms before committing yourself too deeply – especially if there isn’t any kind of help around should things go wrong!

When it comes to customer support, Squarespace really delivers.

You’ll get an email and live chat help around the clock in nine different languages!

Shopify offers more support than Squarespace.

This is because they offer free phone assistance on every plan while SquareSpace does not.

If you plan to sell in person or think you might want to do so,

it’s worth considering Shopify over Square Space. Square Space point of sale (POS) solutions enable hardware that can take payments and are integrated with your website via an app login process for easier transactions without checkout fees like other POS software providers such as Selz who charge upfront set-up costs and monthly recurring charges regardless of their payment processor integration availability.

Shopify offers more support options than Squarespace

Since they provide free telephone consultation on each package level while the latter doesn’t have any customer service option at all; this means Shopify is aiming to become the most comprehensive e-commerce solution in history.

With its own POS system and an extensive range of POS hardware that you can purchase individually, it’s pretty clear they’re not messing around with this one. If you’ve been looking for a way to accept payments in person on your website or mobile app without spending too much time integrating third-party software services, then look no further than Shopify’s innovative new POS system “ShopifyPOS”.

Both Shopify and Squarespace are great for creating websites.

The best way to decide which one you want is based on what kind of website you plan on making, the price range it will fall in, how much freedom or design control over the site’s layout that you need (which can be a lot), if there’ll be any mobile-specific features involved like eCommerce options or checkout forms OR webshop integration with an online store manager system – things like this matter when building your own business so do think about them first before committing!

Beyond the Shopify app store, you’ll find plenty of other cool features that make it one-of-a-kind.

At any time in your online business journey – whether as a newbie or seasoned pro – there’s sure to be something for everyone and everything on this platform.

Beyond its vast collection of apps, extensions, and integrations (which is more than enough room for growth), not only will you have access to upvotes on Reddit but also trending posts from Facebook Messenger & SMS texting which are great if your customers use these channels frequently!

What sourcing method is best for your business? Where do you source products from? Find out now.