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As the world becomes smaller and more connected, you must be able to respond quickly to customer demand by providing what they want when they need it most! In the past, print-on-demand products were limited to items like t-shirts and mugs. Today you can sell all kinds of things from yoga pants and fanny packs to bedsheets and Bluetooth speakers!

Print-on-demand products are a convenient way to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

As the world becomes smaller and more connected, you must be able to respond quickly to customer demand by providing what they want when they need it most!

In the past, print-on-demand products were limited to items like t-shirts and mugs. Today you can sell all kinds of things from yoga pants and fanny packs to bedsheets and Bluetooth speakers!

In this quick post, you’ll learn about the best print-on-demand products to sell in 2021. From custom furniture pieces and personalized coffee mugs to matching family pet t-shirts – there’s something for everyone! And stick around until the end, where we explore some trending printing items that are sure not available by next year.

Why not try your hand at print-on-demand? With this type of dropshipping, you don’t need to worry about sourcing and storing products.

Your supplier will handle that for you. What’s more, is that all the work from designing new prints to marketing falls on them too! Sounds like an easy way to get started with eCommerce without a lot of hassle, doesn’t it? Ecommerce has never been more popular, but what do you sell?

Check out this list of the most in-demand items for a quick brainstorm.

You can find some examples below from Printful (eCommerce experts with years of data). These are our top picks:

  1. Custom coffee mugs – they make great gifts that people use every day;
  2. Monogrammed shirts and sweaters – perfect personalized clothing at an affordable price point.;
  3. Shower curtains or mats made to order – these custom products have potential as home décor too!
  4. Reversible scarves – stylish accessories no one will ever get tired of.?

Let’s kick off our list with a set of unique print-on-demand products:

All-over print clothing. In the image below from Google Trends, you can see how this has surged in popularity as seen on social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

But what kind of apparel should we sell?

Hoodies are popular among people who want to be creative or have their own logo–allowing them to create something they love! There are also many different types of T-shirts and yoga pants available if your customer desires those items (which I am sure there will be!)

The fashion world is in an all-over print frenzy.

All-over prints are popping up everywhere and they’re not just on clothes; designers have also created a whole collection of all-over print hoodies to keep you looking stylish this winter season!

There’s more good news though because now the trend has even spread into footwear with some top companies like Printify offering custom sneakers that look as fresh as ever.

So get your sneaker set ready by checking out the JetPrints sneaker options below.

These babies will make any outfit pop: People are always looking for ways to make their shoes stand out, and no one does this better than print-on-demand providers. With a few simple changes, you can take your style from drab to fabulous!

Still not sure what design is in store?

Check with the experts at Printify about how they managed an eye-catching shoe sticker that will have people doing double-takes as you walk by on any crowded street corner these days. As Google trends demonstrate below, stickers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – so get ready to start creating some custom designs of your own today!

To make your custom stickers stand out, try to create eye-catching and fun designs.

For example, the LGBTQ+ lifestyle brand Passionfruit sells colorful stickers alongside other print-on-demand products.

Fanny packs have made a major comeback in recent years.

Google Trends shows how interest in fanny packs peaked in 2018 and has remained strong since! In the 90s, fanny packs were very popular. They attach to belts and are securely attached to a strap on one side of the waist, keeping items close at hand while freeing up space for extra water bottles or layers during exercise (or just to relax).

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever:

These days we don’t have as much room to carry around what society deems an essential amount of items. But maybe it’s time that somebody brings back old faithful! When the pandemic first hit, interest in face masks spiked dramatically. The trend expired quickly though and only a few people now wear them regularly.

But this is not to say that they’re useless!

They are actually great additions for any print-on-demand brand’s product line; Beloved Shirts mostly sells men’s clothing but also offers an assortment of printed facial protection products like these cute designed paper ones or even more high-tech respirators which can be purchased online at their store: Interesting, creative, engaging.

When the pandemic first started taking lives across America last October there was such public fear about contracting it from casual contact – especially among those who were too young.

To capitalize on your customers’ growing interest in the environment, you should consider cross-selling face masks and water bottles at checkout.

Unlike print-on-demand clothing, reusable water bottle sales will not have to worry about sizing problems because they are by nature one size fits all. Plus, print-on-demand companies offer plenty of different types of water bottles to choose from —such as sports bottles and thermoses.

Although tote bags are not fashionable, their appeal has been consistent for almost two decades!

Consequently, it’s well worth selling this classic print-on-demand product. The best thing about selling print-on-demand totes is that you don’t need to create new designs—you can simply have your designer make a few more prints with one design already in the system.

This is exactly what Boba’s love does

It was founded by sisters Emily and Abby who loved taking care of their home so much they wanted other people “to fall head over heels” just like them.” Tote bags are also a great way to cross-sell products and Printify has some popular options for backpacks!

With backpacks being such a popular commodity and with the rise of personalized products, it is no surprise that there are now so many options for unique backpack designs.

For example, you could customize them by adding your signature logo or add any other design to make them truly one-of-a-kind!

Backpack designers like Teelaunch offer print-on-demand Bluetooth speakers and headphones which can be customized if desired.

This gives customers an opportunity they won’t find anywhere else: designing their own product tailored to suit exactly what they want. Interest in Bluetooth speakers has remained steady for many years, with surges during the holidays.

It will be hard to compete with the big audio brands like Sony and Bose when it comes to audio quality

So again, focus on creating truly attention-grabbing designs that will make your print-on-demand products stand out!

Check out how interest in wall art has grown over the years: With the rise of digital media, people may be making a conscious decision to purchase ‘real art’ from local artists.

If you’re an artist who can’t quite make enough profit selling your work at galleries or online stores, consider print-on-demand wall art!

With this service, customers can order any postcard for their specific needs without having to worry about buying more inventory than they need.

For example, I like Maps sells map prints in various styles; if you already have one and simply want another design with different details on it – no problem! Alternatively, if someone wants something that’s not found anywhere else then they could easily customize theirs by adding text or changing colors.

In fact, searches for cushions have increased steadily for about a decade — I guess people really love their cushions! This print-on-demand product provides you with the opportunity to reuse your most popular designs – and of course, we can’t forget all overprints.

Interest in purchasing towels has also climbed slowly over time

However, it seems that customers interested in these products are looking more into bath mats than anything else at this point.

Canceling out an old design is not always necessary when using our online printing services

Many types of items offer great opportunities to use existing templates or create new ones from scratch (whatever suits the client!).

For those, The Print Prohibition site offers an opportunity to unleash your creative side.

You can upload high-resolution images and create a custom towel that is perfect for drying dishes, wiping off the table, or as decoration in a living room setting.

Searches for throws have been on the rise since 2005

This makes them ideal products if you’re looking to get into print-on-demand without too much investment of time or money!

Plus, with Print Prohibition’s large canvas there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing towels.

Whether they are dishcloths made out of terry cloth material (in order, not scratch surfaces), quick wipes which take up less space than traditional oversize kitchen towels, decorative pieces suitable for adding color and character in any home decor.

Printful, Printify, and CustomCat are just some of the top print-on-demand suppliers that offer throws.

Again, make sure your designs are uploaded in high resolution to be able to withstand being printed on a blanket or pillowcase. There’s a theme here right?

Perhaps opening up an online store specializing in selling bedsheets is where you should focus next!

Interest in these items has been climbing steadily throughout recent years as people have begun focusing more intently on upgrading their homes during lockdowns. And let’s face it: In terms of design, the sky is your limit here!

Mugs are another timeless print-on-demand product that’s a perfect addition to any store.

Interest in mugs spikes during the holidays but remains stable year-round. When designing, consider how the template will wrap around your mug and if you place a design near or at the center on top some people may not be able to see as well so keep this in mind when designing 2 designs left and right from where ever you want them for best visibility.

For those looking to get into the print-on-demand game, T-shirts are a great place to start.

They are versatile and sell year-round, making them perfect for sellers who want something that sells quickly but doesn’t require as large time investment on their part.

With over 300 million people in America alone wearing clothes every day (and with most of us owning at least one shirt), it’s tough not to be successful!

But there is another trend emerging among consumers: Activewear.

From yoga pants, all the way up to sports bras and sneakers–Americans have made an almost complete switch from traditional clothing items like shirts or dresses towards these new goods which offer more comfort while being just as fashionable to boot! So you can take advantage.

The growth of the T-shirt industry has made it difficult to differentiate from competitors.

It doesn’t mean you should stop selling print-on-demand shirts, but create a brand that resonates powerfully with your target market.

Classic Dad does this beautifully by drawing inspiration from dads and their everyday lives: they design clothes for those who want to take care of themselves without feeling pretentious or overbearing.

So, if you’re noticing that your phone cover sales are down and want to know why to try selling them alongside a few other products.

It could be stationary or something else entirely but it’s worth trying out! Interest in buying stationery online has dropped considerably over the years, however, it is still worth adding a small amount of variety to your product line.

If you want to sell notebooks and pens that are more unique than what can be found on any average retail store shelf then there are tons of print-on-demand products out there for sale just waiting for someone like yourself!

While many people may have lost interest or spend their time researching other options when they get an idea about how easy it would be,

Don’t forget these points:

  1. There’s no need to pay anything upfront if selling through Amazon FBA – so why not give them a try?
  2. Print-On Demand allows customers with specialized tastes who might otherwise go.

You’ve been asking which print-on-demand products you should sell in your store, and we’re excited to finally share the answer!