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So how about the new Facebook™️ Ads service that eats low-performing ads for lunch? Spit out profits in just 24 hours with this amazing program.

I know you want a generous return on your ad spends.

So how about the new Facebook™️ Ads service that eats low-performing ads for lunch? Spit out profits in just 24 hours with this amazing program.

I have a fool-proof way to make sure I’m maximizing my profit margins.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up for Facebook™️ Pixel,
  2. Create awesome copy that converts
  3. Target your audience with an ad campaign, and boom!

You’ll see results in no time at all.

Meet Ashley Gainer, a direct response copywriter and founder of Ink Well Guild.

I was in a place where I knew my product was selling. My funnel had converted at least once before for me- so why wasn’t it happening again? My ads were converting just fine – but profit—nothing close to it as far as I could tell.

So what the hell is going on here? It finally dawned on me that there’s one thing most people don’t realize about having an online business: you need your website traffic to convert into sales!

Ashley has tried a lot of different tactics to get more followers.

She hired an expert and ad agency, read every piece of advice on the topic from gurus online, but still, nothing worked! Until she found this one blog post that made her realize what true success was all about: authenticity.

I had to think about how I could make my ads more appealing but still maintain a profitable paid traffic funnel.

After buying courses on writing better ad copy and targeting certain audiences – the ‘pretty’ templates (which looked nicer) did not help me earn any money!

It was clear that what mattered most in this business is creating compelling content for online customers while remaining cost-effective. She was having a hard time getting any traction with her Facebook™️ ads, but then she found and implemented the Ads Profit Maximizer training.

It paid for itself overnight because of its immediate ROI! Now it helps pay for my mortgage too!

I don’t cry when I log into my business manager.

There’s nothing worse than logging in and seeing how unprofitable your company is – it can be so depressing! But with this one-time payment for only $27, you’ll have a never-before-seen view of the numbers that will help keep tears at bay while allowing you to make quick changes.

Dear Digital Marketer, Course Creator & Service Provider Who’s Advertising on Facebook™️ – And Desperately Failing To Make Profits.

That course on writing high-converting Facebook™️ ad copy to help you get the clicks, lower your CPAs, and sell more products? It means well.

Sometimes it even does well.

But you still need to invest time in reading through the training modules and then create engaging ads that will resonate with a new audience of potential customers who are browsing social media platforms looking for solutions or answers!

Waking up on a Saturday morning and realizing that you spent $200 and only made $75 is like waking up in the middle of an ice cream blizzard with no spoon.

You get this sinking feeling as all those Ben & Jerry’s tubs stare at you from across the room, begging for some attention – disappointment mixed with curiosity because it seems impossible to resist them now when they’re right there, practically within reach.

Yet somehow you manage to keep yourself together long enough not to ugly cry snotty tears into any of your beloved containers before settling down onto Facebook™️ groups full time where other people are just talking about how much cash their ads make them without even mentioning targeting or conversions rates once.

The reason why so many companies have a hard time making the sale is that they stop at “sales.”

Sure there are plenty of other things like lead generation or generating leads but those titles don’t quite roll off the tongue as well on an invoice from clients do they?

The bottom line, in this case, is all about validation:

If people are buying then surely their message must resonate with whatever audience (or lookalike audiences) has been targeted right?

You ask me how I went from homeless to having a house and car in just three years.

Well, it all started when my dad died. With his life insurance payout, we were able to get out of the trailer park where our family had been living for generations.

I was ambitious enough that with some help at school on computers (thanks Mrs. Miller!), I learned HTML coding and built this website called ‘zombiepets’.com! It got popular really fast because people loved their zombie pets! But then disaster struck as Instagram rolled out its new pet filter – turning every account into an adventurous playland about fluffy felines or bionic puppies!

You just need to figure out which option is best for you.

Between ads that convert – 5-course sales that make you $100… and ads that make you a profit – i.e., your irresistible offer should have the same effect, so it’s up to what will work better in terms of getting people on board with your idea without breaking their wallet!

Ever been in a position where you have more money coming out than going into your bank account?

Probably not. But that’s what profit is all about! The ability to take a product or service and make more of it so, in the end, there are profits left over to put back into other ventures elsewhere.

You might be wondering which rules we mean when we say “revenue-generating.”

They’re those two (C) and then one (A). Just think; if I can produce 100 units but only sell 80 for $5 each netting me $400 before taxes… That leaves 20 available on my shelves just waiting for someone who will come by looking specifically for them with their wallet open ready to buy something from our store today.

It’s often said that there is no such thing as bad press.

Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise- or at least give a new spin on the phrase with our latest marketing strategy: Consistently test new creative and audiences!

They say it takes five hundred attempts before something sticks but hey, who has time for all those?

We’ll keep testing until we find what works best because in this business if you don’t innovate then someone else will take your place. ….Until the addies a slow, painful death (much like my 1995 Chevy Beretta).

Creative ALWAYS fatigues (in marketing speak: it stops converting)

So they hit reset. Go back to the drawing board. Push out a new ad creative… They’re caught up in this cycle of testing new creative with the same audience or a new one.

You eat whatever little profit you’ve made on your $37 digital course, so they hope that people will buy again if their ads are more effective and less fatiguing. The average person will spend hundreds of dollars to make a Facebook™️ ad, only for it not to work and they’ll quit advertising.

Efficiency is key in marketing so you might as well minimize the wasted money by knowing what’s working!

Ad Profit Maximizer automatically puts all of your ads into a pool and then randomizes them. You’re eliminating the “loser” ads that are losing you money, but still getting exposure on Facebook™️ for those with higher conversion rates (remember to keep an eye on these).

This product also eliminates the need for expensive agencies or consultants – this time-saver will save you at least one hour per week!

It’s not just about cutting costs either:

Ad Profit Optimiser pays itself back within 24 hours so it doesn’t matter if conversions take longer than expected because there is no risk involved here.

Do you want more sales?

Sign up for our one-time offer to receive Facebook™️ ad strategist Karina as your personal coach and see results skyrocket!

With a background in advertising, she has been able to manage over $24.7 million worth of ads with jaw-dropping ROI’s that have helped brands like Lady Boss Clothing Company, Silly George Apparel & Accessories Inc., HVAC Direct LLC reach their goals faster than ever imagined.

I was constantly trying to drive higher revenue and profits for these brands.

But a big problem is that I couldn’t get my hands on enough money! As much as 60% of our budget would go into ‘black hole’ categories like food, automobiles, grocery goods, etc., where we had no control over the cost per ad or conversion rate – wasting up to 40%.

To keep from going bankrupt before finishing school (college), I had 2 options: take out loans or find another way to make more money while in college.

I am not a math whiz, but I know when I see numbers like this.

Eliminating or reducing wasted ad dollars has an immediate (and massive) return on investment for my business! And it all started with the idea to create something simple and repeatable that could help me cut down on these costs… That’s how Ad Profit Maximizer was born!

The Ad Profit Maximizer is a new tool designed to help online marketers maximize their profits by choosing the right advertising networks based on budget.

I can’t wait to see how it helps you get your ads out there and make more money! I want profitable ads too! And now I can’t wait to help you maximize your profits – whatever your budget.

The Ad Profit Maximizer is a clever and resourceful tool that can take your advertising campaign to the next level.

For only $27, you will get an in-depth understanding of how it works and why so many businesses are flocking towards this new marketing strategy because they know it has been proven to boost their bottom line!

With just three easy steps on Facebook ads optimization for automation rules, you could be well on your way from having advertisements tanking or profiting – all without breaking a sweat!

With all the ads and automation nowadays, it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on.

Google Ads Manager has a solution for you! With their automated rules feature in your ad campaign settings, you can choose if each rule is conservative or moderate vs. loose (which are just estimates).

You should set up at least one automatic rule according to how much cash flow/budget threshold will work best with your specific situation while also giving yourself some flexibility – whether it’s tight constraints or more lenient ones overall depending on where they’re needed most.

One of the most common questions we get is how to set up your advertising accounts for success.

Today, I’m going to show you three rules that can make all the difference when it comes to scaling and optimizing your ad account. These are:

  • Setting max cost per registration thresholds;
  • Implementing a budget-based campaign strategy with automated bid adjustments across keywords or placements;
  • Management by exception – which means using automation features like auto-pause on keyword phrases where there’s no activity after an allotted time period without bidding higher prices to drive conversions at any given moment.

We’ll also be discussing some best practices specific for webinar funnels and high ticket offers as well!

“It’s all about earning lifetime spend, and I’m here to show you how!”

With these over-the-shoulder training videos from Facebook Ads expert Abby Covert of, it will be easy for anyone with a small budget (or even large) to set up the ad rules to extract the most out of their advertising dollars!

In this video series, we’ll explore what “lifetime spend conditions” are best used when targeting your ads and why they’re important – so that everyone can get more mileage on their money by getting a higher ROI.

In this over-the-shoulder training, you’ll:

Watch how to set up rules and conditions for an e-commerce funnel, understand why having too many rules can slow down your success.

It’s hard to get started in marketing.

You can spend a lot of money on ads but only make pennies because your prices are so low, or you could have the opposite problem and be spending very little while making tens of thousands per day with high ticket items; both these scenarios will eventually lead nowhere if fixed! The solution is simple: ROAS!

Learn how eCommerce for digital goods solves all three problems mentioned above by providing quality leads at lower costs that have higher margins.

One of the best ways to make your store more attractive is by using automated rules that set up conditions for discounts and promotions.

For example, you can create a rule so any product over $100 will cost less than $20 or offer free shipping on all products priced below $25.

It’s hard to get started with Excel.

Spreadsheets can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright scary at first glance! But don’t fret – we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step so that everything is easy as pie.

There are no complicated codes or technical knowledge required; just follow our guidelines for a killer spreadsheet project in minutes (even if it takes ages!).

And while your mind might still linger on how much time this task will take up, there’s something else I need to tell you about: bonus points!

These momentum-building bonuses blow all of those ads results out freakin’ orbit because they make sure things go according to plan every single time. They come free when booking any package from us.

Bonus 1: Profit Tracker Master Sheet (value $97)

Do you want a spreadsheet to track your numbers, i.e., net profits, revenues, ROAS, or COGS? One that’s easy to use without having to hire a bookkeeper or buy expensive accounting software? This bonus will give you the power of using Excel like never before!

The profit tracker spreadsheet will give you a financial snapshot on the daily empowering you to make key decisions as a business owner.

To help with this, we’ve prepared some useful tips for starting your own company from scratch and learning basic accounting principles that can be found in our blog post! We hope these links are helpful – please reach out if there is anything else we can do to best support your journey!

Bonus 2: 37 Best Headline Swipes (value $47)

Sick of scrolling through headlines and getting no engagement? Stop their scroll with these killer headline swipes!

Bonus 3: Three Favorite Video Scripts (Value $47)

Feeling like you’ve tried every video script possible but they’re just not engaging your audience anymore. Try one from three favorite scripts we recommend to see if it’s better for them than what you were doing before!

Do you ever feel like your tongue is a vise-grip around the words that are hitching in front of them?

If so, I have just what you need to free up some time and make things easier: two video scripts for both sides of the business. You want it good/you want it bad; either way, these plug-and-play videos will help get those sweet deals locked down!

I want more profit!

I’m tired of making less money than I deserve. That’s why you can’t afford to skip this offer- it helps anyone get ahead in life, and is a one-time payment for only $27.

The Ad Profit Maximizer method is a revolutionary program created by the advertising industry to help you make better decisions when it comes to your ads.

The methods are tried and true, tested over decades of research for advertisers like yourself not only to be successful but also to take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented itself throughout time.

Do you want to make more money from your business?

Do you feel like it’s not possible and there isn’t any way for things to get better? I’ve been where that is, but now I’m in a place where my profits are scaling up every day because of this one simple strategy: $47I Want Scale My Profits. (One-time payment for only $27)

“Sounds great… But what if I don’t see positive ROAS. Or get an ROI?”

If after implementing the Ad Profit Maximizer Method you’re still not seeing any improvement, there are a few additional steps we recommend you take to solve your problem:

  1. Review all of your ads and make sure they meet our targeting guidelines (i.e., have at least one ad with 2 or more keywords targeted). Make small changes in each ad’s keyword list until it meets this requirement;
  2. Prioritize clicks from Tier 1 countries over those coming from Tier 3 countries—you can do so by restricting bidding only on these higher-tier locations when creating campaigns for select markets using location bid modifiers;
  3. Or, you could save AT LEAST 1 hour per month managing and optimizing ads with my help.

Imagine how much more free time that would give you!

I will pay back your initial $27 PLUS an additional $54 for a total of 81 bucks (not bad)! Are you unhappy with the Blue Fusion Method? Just shoot me an email and I’ll refund your purchase.

That’s how much I believe in my product! You’re probably wondering: why is the Ad Profit Maximizer so special? Don’t take my word for it; here’s what these people have to say.

My Instagram story ad has been yielding $4.42 CPA and a ROAS of 12%.

Today I currently am at 6.6% ROAS, whereas before taking advantage of this tool I was 1.3%.

If you’re a marketer with an advertising campaign, it’s worth scheduling time for Jon Clare.

If Chris can help my ads reach 50-60% more people (and I know he will), then the increased performance and profits are well worth your investment in his expertise!

Method Ads that are designed to maximize profit and not just increase click-through rates can be costly.

Even so, they may still result in a higher return on investment than your average AdSense ads or banner advertising campaigns because of the high conversion rate these types of Ads have been shown to bring about.

The Money Making Strategist’s flagship product is an easy system for creating successful ads with this principle using their software.

This program will show you how to design profitable banners, email marketing messages, and more!

Which video ad script will you choose?

Will it be the one that tells people “I’ve heard enough, let me in!” or the one that is a more traditional sales tactic where they throw out facts and figures about their product. Choose wisely as this could make all of the difference on whether your marketing strategy succeeds! Your most pressing questions, (answers below) are all addressed in this process.

Whether you’re working with $10/day budgets or $10k/day budgets, the following is a list of do’s and don’ts to help your campaign go off without any hiccups:

DO use compelling headlines __________ for more clicks on social media posts. Don’t advertise too much by being too salesy, as this can distract people from reading the good content you can share about other people as well as your own brand and products.

Advertising is a cutthroat industry and sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands.

Ad Profit Maximizer will teach you the skills necessary for success in digital marketing, so that way when Facebook™️ changes their algorithm again, at least one thing won’t change: Your profits!

The Ads Manager interface is a key tool for any digital marketer.

To make the most of your time, be sure to have an offer that people want and explore how you can use this strategy with low-ticket products (<$100). For more information on these strategies – feel free to check out my module dedicated specifically to this topic!

The first time I used Facebook Ads, it seemed like an insurmountable task.

It took me hours to sign up for the platform and figure out how everything worked. Once I got past that initial hump though, things became much easier! Starting with your idea of where you want people in their journey – from knowing nothing about ads all the way to mastering them.

To learn how to best set up a revenue-generating Ad Campaign, signup for the over-the-shoulder training.

Facebook Ads, want to increase profit margin and decrease ad expenses?

I stand by the content of this training because it’s been used with success when managing million-dollar campaign ads. It’s that powerful if implemented correctly!

You are probably skeptical at this point, but I assure you that everything is on the up and up.

To prove it, let me outline a simple scenario for you. You put $37 in my pocket when we started working together and then continued putting money into it by paying more than your share of ad spend every week for two weeks straight!

You’ve earned yourself an additional $74 (you read that right), which means all I need from you now is half of what’s leftover after subtracting the total spent on ads ($111) plus 2 pages out of your profit tracker sheet with completed totals where applicable so as not to show any personal info like income or expenses other than those associated with ads/sales…

I’ll refund you to the last cent for any purchase from my ‘Add Profit Fuel To Your Facebook Ads™️ Engine’ program, and I’m so confident that it will improve your ROI on every single ad dollar spent.

Your ads are only as good as their performance – but we all know how expensive advertising can be!

This is why I created this product with a 100% money-back guarantee. If after 30 days of using my system, you’re not seeing an increase in conversions or clicks then contact me and get all your money back…no questions asked.

Many want to build a successful Facebook™️ account, but only one way.

The expensive route is through hiring an agency or social media strategist―which can be just as costly in the long run with all those hours they bill you for! But if you don’t have that kind of money lying around, and also prefer not to work so hard managing your page yourself?

Here I am giving away some potential secrets:

My own personal rule keys will help take any business on FB™️ from plain Jane status up into internet stardom. It’s no secret how big of a platform success has become over recent years–everyone wants their piece now more than ever before (even though it may cost them)!

And I’ve heard it time and again – people want to have the opportunity to prove themselves.

And you know what? They deserve that shot, too! It sounds like a lot of them are doing work just as hard as those who get paid for their efforts. Wouldn’t it make sense then if they at least had an option where all the risk is on someone else’s side so they can go in without worrying about losing everything should things not pan out?

I’m tired of seeing good ideas from everyday people wilt because there wasn’t anyone willing or with enough capital to help execute them into reality until now. You need FaceBook™️ Ads Training.

Facebook™️ Ads are a great way to increase your profits and save time.

It’s no wonder so many people use them! Imagine how much you could do with the extra money, or all of those minutes back in your day if you aren’t spending hours on Facebook every week?

And because everyone is using these ads now, there are plenty of resources out there that can show just about anyone how they work- it doesn’t matter what skill level or budget you have either.

There are plenty of ways to increase your ROAS, but a key one is tracking data daily.

That’s why you should also keep an eye on these statistics because they can help guide your decisions and boost conversions.

Along with writing killer copy for ads—which we know boosts our ROAs—we have to be diligent in monitoring important metrics like cost per click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CR), and Cost Per Acquisition or Lead(CPA).

You’ve used Facebook™ and Instagram™ to keep up with your friends, post pics of that perfect vacation you took this summer, or watch the latest viral video.

But how often have you thought about using these social media platforms as a way to grow your small business? You probably aren’t alone-almost 70% of businesses are now on one or both of those sites for marketing purposes.

So if it’s time for an update to make sure they’re performing at their best potential online (and also get some free traffic from them), then we can help!